The reinvention of parting

Most men, building a relationship with a woman, are empirically – by trial and error. If the woman is too inexperienced, and still does not have the ability to "smooth things over", the Union is moving irresistibly to the end of its existence. When the number of errors reaches a critical level, the pair parted. But, having lived in solitude, and analyzing bad relationship, a man comes to the conclusion that it is not so bad. The love of a woman survived, and if he puts in enough effort, then the relationship can be restored.

Psychologists believe that the return for this reason only makes sense in the case that the other partner, since the gap time, too, to rethink their behavior, ready to accept and continue to avoid past mistakes. Otherwise, the dynamics of the relationship will remain the same, and, in the end, the couple parted.

The timeout in the relationship

Crises happen in everyone, even the most happy and strong families. The question is, who how to treat them, and how to lead when they occur. Imagine the situation: in a man's life, there have been several events that literally knocked him out of the track (for example, difficulties in work and relationships with superiors, problems with relatives, accidents, etc.). A man cannot simultaneously deal with all problems, believes the culprit of all the ills wife and leaves home, determined to put the relationship on pause. After a while, having lived alone, the man realizes that he had acted recklessly, leaving his beloved family and returns.

According to psychologists, this is the most "harmless" variant of care of the family. A man leaves his family because he wants to be alone and ponder your relationship with a woman. This desire naturally to humans.

Harmonious sexual relationships

No man is ready to refuse from good sex. If it is fully satisfied with sexual relationship with a woman, this is a serious incentive for the return man.

Intimate component is definitely very important for a solid relationship. But if the spouses are United only by sex, and the moral and emotional aspects of marriage are not available, then such a Union will not last long.

The man left her for another woman, but was disappointed in her

Leaving the family to his mistress, the man often thinks that now he will start a happy life, and the former was nothing more than a tuning. But in fact it is not so. It turns out that the former wife was almost perfect in so many ways, and mistress is only good for the occasional meetings, but not for cohabitation. In the end, the man realizes that the wife he will be better.

The return of "the prodigal husband" does not solve those problems because of which there was a gap. And wife is extremely difficult to forgive her husband returned. To revive the relationships fully will never be possible.

A sense of duty

Sometimes a man who met a new love, returned to the family due to the sudden illness of the ex-wife or serious problems with children.

Very well, when a man has a strong sense of duty, but for love it is not relevant, and cannot be the Foundation for family relations.

The man who abandoned his family, not really ready for a change

It happens that the man who created a new family, begins to miss his ex-wife as the closest and native person. And in a new marriage, everything seems strange and unfamiliar. So the man returns.

Psychologists believe that this kind of "partying" can last a lifetime. Man can then walk away, then back again. Not excluded the option of living "for two families".