Don't panic. Of course, when something bad happens, the first thing I want to hide in a corner and anywhere from it not to leave. If you had a strong relationship to survive the loss will be much harder. But to try to return the person, being in such a state, is simply meaningless.
Get yourselves cleaned up. Some women immediately after a break up try to restore relations. It is not always correct. Tear-stained eyes and frequent tantrums not only will attract your ex lover, but instead repel it. First become the same old woman who had captured him, and only then proceed to action.
Do not call immediately after a break and not insist on a meeting if doesn't want your ex-lover. Forget about the threats. It will not bring you closer to achieving this goal. Try to meet with the former as if by accident. Surely you know where he works and how much is released, where they spend their free time, etc.
Do not expect instant return relationship. If a man left you, he had some reason. Your task is to understand what exactly prompted your lover to leave you. Perhaps you got complacent and stopped to hold him sexually, he has developed relationships with his wife or found another mistress.
Try to eliminate the cause that has prompted your lover to leave you. If you are partly to blame themselves in this, start to look after themselves, purchase a few sets of sexy lingerie, go for massage courses etc. If the reason was another woman, try to figure out how serious the new attachment. In some cases, do better to retreat and move on.
Put directly your lover all that you feel. Tell him how you missed him that you are ready to fix all their mistakes. If your relationship was based solely on sex, you can show your man that you can be a wonderful lover. And then maybe he will change his mind.