Most importantly, do not try to suppress their suffering, their need to cry, so cry as much as you like. The more to hold back the pain, the longer it will last.
Remember everything good that happened between you and beloved man. The relationship ended, but they bring you happiness and joy, so treat them as your life experience from which you learned a lesson.
Do not try to reveal the reason for the split: most likely, your extra 3 pounds or a wrinkle on the bridge of his nose at anything. That's what happens when love and passion are, and a stronger sense of their place arises.
Think not only about what you lost but what is gained with the departure of the men. You have more time for myself, friends, their own passions, finally, at the next meeting. Do not sit alone, spend more time in the companies, meet new people. Plan your time so that as little as possible to be one.
If possible, avoid meeting with his man, they can bring great pain. Don't call or text him, and most importantly – do not try to return it. If the care your loved one is temporary, he'll back himself, but if his plans for life you no, there's nothing you can do about it, only to lose time and face. Let him go with the world and start to live a new life.
Women's magazines and TV shows in such cases I advise you to change the image, make a new hairstyle, choose makeup, update your wardrobe, fitness, etc. These tips are good, but on the condition that all of the above you will be doing exclusively for themselves, and not to try to return a man.
At that time, which you will need to return to a normal life, keep them out of sight items that remind you of your favorite photos, gifts, cards, etc. of Course, it is possible to get it out, but only if then you will not regret it.
Immerse yourself in work, come up with new and interesting things, for example, learn the Italian language. Make yourself a to-do list for the year: to read the works of Dostoevsky, to learn to play the guitar, cook all the meals from the cookbook, to see all the movies Spielberg – it all depends on your imagination.
Think positive: favorite male didn't abandon you, he made room for someone who will give you true love and happiness. Take as your motto the formula proposed by psychologist Vladimir Levi: "you good, you bad" or "good to you, and without you, even better!"