Decide what you want - to return the husband in a family or to let him go to find a more decent man. The decision is quite difficult, as my husband several years of marriage began to have a close person, and then in a moment turned traitor. Not every girl is able to forgive the betrayal and again to trust the spouse.
Return of her husband. If you decide that this person is dear to you, you do not represent the further life without him, try to fight for their love and happiness. First talk quietly with your spouse and find out the reason for leaving. When talking we should not blame or complain. Show that you acknowledge his freedom and anything is not going to pretend and just trying to understand the situation and learn from your mistake. When will know why we have disagreements, try to resolve it. Try not to stop communicating with your spouse, but don't forget to keep communicating with him adequately, be welcoming and friendly.
Start with a clean slate. Do not idealize the former husband. Remove a spouse from your life, in conversation with friends, relatives and acquaintances avoid any topics related to it. You have nothing to do with what has happened in his life
Try to do repair if not, then at least a permutation in the apartment. Doing this, you will distract yourself from sad thoughts, and the changed housing will be less to remind her husband wrong. Things that somehow remind you of him, it is better to give them out. But your joint pictures, where you were happy, clear eyes, or discard.
Try not to be alone – go with friends in a cafe, theater, or sign up for courses. Daily employment, change of scenery, new experiences, helps to distract from problems. Don't ignore other men. The first time, you may be unpleasant to even look at young people, what to say about meeting new people. But with time, you need to relearn how to build their personal life, to trust men. Try not to compare the new guy with your ex-spouse.