Why a man would leave his mistress

The high demands of a woman, her whims, but also "wrong" behavior with others can be the reason that the man will run away without looking back. If the mistress requires her to spend too much time constantly forcing to buy expensive things and to make gifts, cranky, even the most ardent fan can quickly cool down.
Especially frustrating when the woman manifests feelings in front of everybody, making a lot of stupid things when dealing with friends of your lover. It is very important, if the relationship should remain secret.

One of the reasons for the gap may be the loss of interest on the part of men. Over time, the first passion passes, and one can understand that his mistress is not as good as it seemed at first. The problem often lies in the annoying, not giving the pleasure of sex, lack of common interests.

Throw and mistresses who prefer to meet with several partners. Legkomyslennoe behavior than women, the higher the risk that she would be remembered for too available. Even if a man is not in love, and he is not the owner, he may just be scared that he will receive "a reward" any disease.

Why mistresses get dumped for wives

A much more common situation, when men desert their mistresses, not wanting to leave his wife. Alas, the girls that approached married, do not want to understand until you are faced with such a situation themselves.
Even if a man says he does not loves his wife and stays with her only for the children, because of her health, money problems, etc., it is likely nothing more than just excuses. He's lying to you, and lying to his missus.

The most common mistake of lovers, leading to the breakup is an attempt to deliver an ultimatum. The woman demands that the man left her wife or even kids, stops to chat with them, insists on the divorce. Often so do lovers, who sincerely believe that will win in this situation. Faced with this pressure, the man runs back to a comfortable home with an established way of life and never returned.

Finally, even if the man for some time, went to his mistress, he can always throw her in a strange, but no less popular reason – because it is not a substitute wife. Any whims, not well or just not used to an established way of life – a serious problem for men that wants to hang out with his mistress, but not "get used" to it.