Further turn of events heavily depends on how exactly you broke up with your loved one.


Often the relationship ends because of betrayal and infidelity. In such cases, to restore the former connection it is difficult. As a result, seriously undermined the confidence of your former ally to you, and this thread is fundamental in any relationship. But such a situation can be viewed from the other side. Undoubtedly, treason is an ordeal. And overcome his difficulties not only deceived but also to those who gave in to temptation. But do not forget that the interest you like to your loved one and the object of passion hardly disappeared after the incident. As if it may sound paradoxical - often interest, on the contrary, increases. So it is enough to choose the right time and situation to bring back a loved one.


Some couples after a breakup, decide to "remain friends". At first glance, such a policy may seem most conducive to the resumption of relations, however, is misleading. If a loved one offers you to part amicably, it probably means that you are no longer interested in him as a soul mate. But since you have a lot of, a complete rupture seems to him difficult, almost impossible. At first you may think that a loved one wants to return to you, but it will probably be just an attempt to fill a void.


There are times when the tear initiator directly expressed that he was not satisfied with its ally. This straightforwardness, though, and seems annoying at first, could eventually help return his beloved mate. If a person expresses in your address criticism, so he does not care what will happen to you, and have the opportunity to return to its former love. You can try to correct their behaviour, improve personal qualities and demonstrate when the opportunity of achievement.

The scandalous gap

A loving relationship people with expressive temperament is very bright, passionate and interesting. But, unfortunately, there is also the flip side of the argument, loud statements and accusations. Such unstable ground, like quicksand, it pulls the relations a little to nowhere. And exhausted lovers are no longer able to start new confrontation. However, time passes and people begin to miss each other. Here it is impossible to predict, back beloved person to you or not. Stay in touch, try to come to an understanding, and if love is real, then you are sure to be together!