Different reasons can prompt back , who you recently (or long ago) dropped. Often throwing the person simply realizes that they made a grave mistake in breaking off relations with you.

For example, he could have gone in "free swimming", but never met a suitable for a relationship partner. As they say, good is seen at a distance, and just looking back at the harmonious relationship that existed between you and comparing them with the current loneliness that abandoned person can make a logical choice in your favor. Maybe he got tired to wait for love. But could understand that more than anyone not to fall in love. Of course, except you.

If you quit for someone else, not necessarily that this "someone" will be better than you. Very often men and women returning to your ex, because subsequent relationships they are not happy. The explanation for this is simple - the initial stage of the new novels is always discomfort. Two individuals and will persistently oppose each other, engaging in conflict, yet are not "adapting", do not come to a compromise acceptable to both. Why bother and make an effort if a person combines comfort have already been established?", - this question can be asked by many. And, again, will come to be reconciled with the former mate.

Sometimes come back, because I can't forget the joint sex or can't meet a more suitable partner for sexual gratification. This is especially true for men for whom sex is one of the main values in life. Threw the man could miss the home comfort, which is regularly organized by his loving wife. Delicious dinner, freshly laundered and ironed clothes, polished shoes, beautiful home furnishings - all of these amenities can be quickly used. Sundered the Union of the woman often decides to return to the abandoned man because of financial difficulties that her difficult to solve. The one who left could come back, after learning about the improvement of the status, material wealth former partner. All of these examples describe a purely materialistic approach to relationships, but, alas, it has a place in modern society.

Thus, the reason for the return to the abandoned partner may be a great many. And not all of them stem from true love to the left once person.