Advice 1: Why drop back

Wounds of resentment have healed, the emotional pain subsided, you were finally able to forget once loved someone who broke off the relationship with you and left. But this is starting to occur most unexpected: he appears again in your life. Why quitters sometimes come back?
Why drop back
Different reasons can prompt back , who you recently (or long ago) dropped. Often throwing the person simply realizes that they made a grave mistake in breaking off relations with you.

For example, he could have gone in "free swimming", but never met a suitable for a relationship partner. As they say, good is seen at a distance, and just looking back at the harmonious relationship that existed between you and comparing them with the current loneliness that abandoned person can make a logical choice in your favor. Maybe he got tired to wait for love. But could understand that more than anyone not to fall in love. Of course, except you.

If you quit for someone else, not necessarily that this "someone" will be better than you. Very often men and women returning to your ex, because subsequent relationships they are not happy. The explanation for this is simple - the initial stage of the new novels is always discomfort. Two individuals and will persistently oppose each other, engaging in conflict, yet are not "adapting", do not come to a compromise acceptable to both. Why bother and make an effort if a person combines comfort have already been established?", - this question can be asked by many. And, again, will come to be reconciled with the former mate.

Sometimes come back, because I can't forget the joint sex or can't meet a more suitable partner for sexual gratification. This is especially true for men for whom sex is one of the main values in life. Threw the man could miss the home comfort, which is regularly organized by his loving wife. Delicious dinner, freshly laundered and ironed clothes, polished shoes, beautiful home furnishings - all of these amenities can be quickly used. Sundered the Union of the woman often decides to return to the abandoned man because of financial difficulties that her difficult to solve. The one who left could come back, after learning about the improvement of the status, material wealth former partner. All of these examples describe a purely materialistic approach to relationships, but, alas, it has a place in modern society.

Thus, the reason for the return to the abandoned partner may be a great many. And not all of them stem from true love to the left once person.

Advice 2: As the men returned

It is important to understand when a man leaves that contributed to this. When did the destruction of the relationship, what moments missed the woman. Often, when a woman makes steps forward, men back.

As the men returned

To partner back, should try to see him. Preferably together have a good time. You can talk about current life and recall the nice moments that tied in the past.

We need to build communication so as not to remember the ill-fated problem of separation. When a man wants to return, the woman makes sense to try to start their relationship from scratch. Try to re-open with the best hand, to force re-fall in love. The meaning of mutual communication is that it has pushed man to think that the breakup was a mistake. That in fact, he finally can lose the best relationship with the most wonderful woman if the time has not come to its senses.

In the case where the man after breaking up is loneliness, attention and warmth received when meeting with a woman who will push him to return former relations.

Sometimes it happens that a man goes to another woman. In this case, it is necessary to consider that sooner or later during their courtship and first love comes to an end. This means that begin to appear the first conflicts. During this period, man will not lack comfort and understanding.

Therefore, at the first meeting with his previous girl and the quiet flow of conversation with her, the young man must have an internal question about the correct decision about his breakup. If a woman is able to re-interest a man, it is very important that the cause of their separation never occurred, even in the course of the conversation. After all, if the guy former caused the separation will again serve as an irritant, he will leave again. Then return the person will be either very difficult or almost impossible.

A wise woman will be able to change ourselves not to repeat past mistakes. If ladies have a desire to go back to their old habits, it is necessary to extinguish at an early stage, in order not to give them the opportunity to develop further.

Sometimes you have to take into account the situation when a man can't be returned. It is easy to accept because the right to have the choice. Is it possible to start a relationship again, each decides for himself. If a man initially did not notice the efforts of women to maintain relationships, it is unlikely to be able to evaluate it afterwards.

Advice 3: Why do men always come back?

Men are always difficult to understand women, but women often don't understand why their men do anyway. It is not strange that a romantic relationship between the two sexes are often too complicated. Many men leave their sweethearts, and then for some reason returned.
Why do men always come back?

Why men leave

People fall in love and start a serious relationship. Usually, it all starts great: flowers, candy, kisses, trips to restaurants. Couple can not imagine existence without each other. But there comes some tipping point, and everything stops. Lovers lose the thread that bound them, and cease to understand whether they need this relationship.

Often the initiator of the break becomes a man. The reasons for the breakup could be many. For example, a woman is not satisfied with him in bed, she's ill-prepared or too imposed, it ceases to look after themselves or take care of your faithful. Some men leave because they get tired of being with the same choice, it seems that on the side they will find something better. And some go straight to the other women.

Why do men come back

After the departure of the beloved women try to forget about them and start a new life. They meet new men and make new contacts. And all would be well, but often the former suddenly burst into their lives and turns everything on its head.

Why do men do it? The reasons may be completely different:

The man realized his mistake. If the reasons to leave a lover was not quite so specific, the representative of the stronger sex can quickly see that breaking anything. He may have entered into a relationship with another lady and compared her with his ex, which won in all respects.

The man felt alone. Maybe he wanted to remain a bachelor, but cherished freedom did him no good, but full of loneliness. Where to go the man in this case, if not to the abandoned bride?

The man was unable to forget his beloved. After parting for some reason, many people understand that lost true love.

The man wants revenge. If the couple broke up, to put it mildly, not friends, the former can return only in order to ruin the life of obesity. Perhaps he saw that his woman happy without him, and tries to establish a relationship with her, then to hurt her. Unfortunately, there are "frames".

Whether to return to the former

Doesn't really matter why the man decided to return, important to understand whether or not to let him do it. People say that the broken Cup not to stick together. Most often these words are true. Moreover, it is necessary to think women that have already found a new soul mate.

Advice 4: What if the wife left

Family relationships sometimes fail, even in the seemingly favorable moments of life. Accidentally thrown phrase or opinion picky could be the beginning of a small crack is capable of breaking the Union once love each other people.
What if the wife left

Why break up families

In many cases, the cause of the conflict is the innuendo in the relationship, the reluctance to consider the position of the beloved, and to stand in his place. Even it may be personal selfishness. Often all these and other causes of family disintegration.

It is considered that men are more likely to leave the family because they Bolkestein polygamous. But this is not always the case. In recent statistics, marriage divorce stands out from the women, who initially tries to save the relationship, but feeling that nothing has changed, just collects things, takes the children and leaves the house.

From the sad gap to a brighter tomorrow

So, his wife left him. Behind the quarrels, scandals, misunderstanding, and neglect. When you lose a beloved woman, men perceive it as a severe blow. Raging, angry, indignant. And at this point the husband should not focus on the fact that the care and try to make sense of the act, determine the cause of this fact. Because woman is by nature Patriarchal tied to the opposite sex. And in order to force her to commit such an act, you need quite a good reason.

First and foremost, a man should find out for himself whether he wants to return the woman to continue to build her a harmonious relationship in the family. Depends on what he will do from this situation. In no case can not fall into depression, to fill the longing spirits or winds. Only an analysis of his past actions may be useful in building future relations.

In return the wife can play a positive role of her friend. Should turn for help to them, sharing the desire to resurrect family relationships. Sometimes parents will be able to establish what is not able to keep their children. Don't need a man to withdraw into his grief and loneliness. Maybe this was a turning point in the relationship and should take some pause. It happens often that after a while separately, each spouse realizes that can't live on without each other. They try to find a path that will connect them again.

But remember that even a temporary departure of his wife should not overshadow the interests in life. You need to continue with your sport, visit interesting places, to allocate time for meetings with friends. Sometimes to take a break is the best adviser in any relationship.

Advice 5: Why do men go back to ex

Everyone knows the saying: "the same river Twice, tread". But life brings about changes in people's sayings: sometimes it happens that after the breakup - sometimes extremely painful - a man returns to his ex-girlfriend (or family). What led him to this decision? The reasons can be several.
The phenomenon of the return of man to his ex - quite a common thing

The reinvention of parting

Most men, building a relationship with a woman, are empirically – by trial and error. If the woman is too inexperienced, and still does not have the ability to "smooth things over", the Union is moving irresistibly to the end of its existence. When the number of errors reaches a critical level, the pair parted. But, having lived in solitude, and analyzing bad relationship, a man comes to the conclusion that it is not so bad. The love of a woman survived, and if he puts in enough effort, then the relationship can be restored.

Psychologists believe that the return for this reason only makes sense in the case that the other partner, since the gap time, too, to rethink their behavior, ready to accept and continue to avoid past mistakes. Otherwise, the dynamics of the relationship will remain the same, and, in the end, the couple parted.

The timeout in the relationship

Crises happen in everyone, even the most happy and strong families. The question is, who how to treat them, and how to lead when they occur. Imagine the situation: in a man's life, there have been several events that literally knocked him out of the track (for example, difficulties in work and relationships with superiors, problems with relatives, accidents, etc.). A man cannot simultaneously deal with all problems, believes the culprit of all the ills wife and leaves home, determined to put the relationship on pause. After a while, having lived alone, the man realizes that he had acted recklessly, leaving his beloved family and returns.

According to psychologists, this is the most "harmless" variant of care of the family. A man leaves his family because he wants to be alone and ponder your relationship with a woman. This desire naturally to humans.

Harmonious sexual relationships

No man is ready to refuse from good sex. If it is fully satisfied with sexual relationship with a woman, this is a serious incentive for the return man.

Intimate component is definitely very important for a solid relationship. But if the spouses are United only by sex, and the moral and emotional aspects of marriage are not available, then such a Union will not last long.

The man left her for another woman, but was disappointed in her

Leaving the family to his mistress, the man often thinks that now he will start a happy life, and the former was nothing more than a tuning. But in fact it is not so. It turns out that the former wife was almost perfect in so many ways, and mistress is only good for the occasional meetings, but not for cohabitation. In the end, the man realizes that the wife he will be better.

The return of "the prodigal husband" does not solve those problems because of which there was a gap. And wife is extremely difficult to forgive her husband returned. To revive the relationships fully will never be possible.

A sense of duty

Sometimes a man who met a new love, returned to the family due to the sudden illness of the ex-wife or serious problems with children.

Very well, when a man has a strong sense of duty, but for love it is not relevant, and cannot be the Foundation for family relations.

The man who abandoned his family, not really ready for a change

It happens that the man who created a new family, begins to miss his ex-wife as the closest and native person. And in a new marriage, everything seems strange and unfamiliar. So the man returns.

Psychologists believe that this kind of "partying" can last a lifetime. Man can then walk away, then back again. Not excluded the option of living "for two families".
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