Advice 1: Where to buy rosin

Rosin is used in various fields of human life, from soldering and finishing musical instruments. Some people think to buy, it may be difficult, but it is not. Buy pine resin in specialized online and offline stores.
Where to buy rosin

Specialty stores

The word "rosin" is familiar to every person who is at least somehow experienced with soldering. It is this area is the main area in which pine resin is used, its combination with chemical impurities and is called rosin. It is used as a solder, that is soldering iron works with it. In this regard, it becomes clear that you can buy it in specialized shops that sell electrical wires and wiring products.

In such places this substance is sold in different amounts. Experts tell you how much rosin you will need for soldering, and advise her a certain look. The fact that there are several types, which differ from each other by the type of raw materials and the method of obtaining.

There are gum rosin, which is obtained by Stripping turpentine from the treated resin. There is an extraction resin, produced by extraction of the crushed wood. The last kind of tall oil rosin, which is manufactured by fractional distillation of tall oil. So the price of the substance will depend on its parameters.

Conventional or mixed stores

Rosin can be purchased in mixed retail stores, such as Housewares and thousands of details. It is worth considering that in these areas the choice is not so wide, but in case of urgency you can apply it there. You can see and buy this stuff in music stores, because the musicians use pine tar to RUB the tuning pegs of the guitar. By the way, this rosin is very high quality. In some cities it is sold in ordinary kiosks, but you need to be careful while choosing it. If it is sold in black bottles, it's possible that there mixed with extra substances, with the result that instead of cleaning the soldering turns out dirt and odor.

Online store

Of course, instead of having to bypass the numerous places where it can be sold to rosin, it is better to use the Internet. Currently, there are many sites offering such goods. Comfort in the fact that some of them can be seen the composition of the substance. It is very easy to choose a suitable type and volume. Don't go anywhere enough to make a few clicks and the product will be delivered after a certain period of time. Although this method of purchase is not suitable for those who need resin urgently.

Advice 2: Why the need for rosin

Small bottles with rosin sold in many hardware stores. Looking at them, you may have wondered what is this substance. It has many applications in various fields.
Why the need for rosin
Rosin is divided into two types: natural and artificial. First obtained from wood tar (usually pine), the second of cellulose. Natural rosin is considered to be of higher quality. But keep in mind that to use either resin or cellulose directly as rosin not - it must first be subjected to special treatment.This substance has long been used as a flux for soldering. Apply rosin for this purpose, both in pure form and together with other, more complex fluxes, for example, an alcohol solution or a special composition of LTI. How to clean rosin, and most fluxes based on it possess the important property of pH-neutrality. This means that they, unlike the acid flux, don't spoil over time, the treatment site and create almost no leakage current. Soldering of electrical circuits and electronic circuits can be done only with the neutral fluxes.Musicians playing stringed instruments, rubbing rosin bows. However, use it in conjunction with instruments that use bows don't require is pointless. Recommendation grease rosin mediator, sometimes expressed in the forums guitarists, has no Foundation. In ballet, a substance used to improve grip shoes to the floor, and in sports - athlete with a barbell, kettlebells or dumbbells.In addition, rosin is used in the production of artificial materials as both primary and auxiliary component. She is part of many flexible and rigid polymers, and even some detergents. And in the past it was used to avoid slippage in the belt gear - but now don't do that anymore, because it invented many devices for automatic maintenance of optimum tension.It should be remembered that while in the air small particles of rosin it is unacceptable to use open fire.

Advice 3: How to use resin

If you know what is made of resin and which is considered the most the best possible to ensure high quality soldering. This resinous substance is used in many industries, including for the treatment of musical instruments.
Resin obtained from the resin of coniferous trees: pine and spruce
Rosin is a resinous substance that is used in the soldering process. It is pine and fir in the matter from the resin of the trees obtained.

As previously used resin?

Rosin has long been used as a means for rubbing bows with which to extract the sounds from the violin and other stringed instruments. In the middle ages healers knew about the healing properties of pine and spruce resin, and used rosin powder as a therapeutic drug. The illusionists resin served as the assistant to show some tricks. At contests in archery warriors smeared it tips of their arrows to accidental injury not led to the contamination.

Greece still preserved a tradition to use pine rosin for smearing jams and crevices of the barrels before pouring into them a white wine. In the SEVENTEENTH and EIGHTEENTH centuries, the resin was added to all lubricants. Therefore, travelling in carriages or carts were obliged to leave at the stations of his route charge for greasing the wheels, as the process of production of these viscous materials were very costly.

How to use resin in our day?

Rosin and its derivatives have found application in the manufacture of paper and paperboard, in the manufacture of plastics, synthetic rubber, artificial leather, varnishes, paints, mastics, linoleum. Rosin is one of the components of certain pharmacological drugs, need it, and in brewing. On its basis is made of a substance which increases blood circulation and is used in the manufacture of aromatic oils.

But the most popular use of this resinous substance – soldering process. To connect the parts under the heat of the soldering iron needed to solder. Rosin contributes to its adhesion to the tip of the iron does not allow to spread over the surface. This greatly facilitates the soldering process and makes it more simple. To successfully connect the parts rosin can be rubbed (tin) designated spikes or, conversely, to immerse the soldering tip. And in that and in other case, the resinous substance will ensure the adhesion of the solder.

The quality of the rosin depends on what raw materials it is made and the different ingredients. The budget is the product obtained from the wastes of paper production and contains plasticizer and preservative and chemical substances. Such resin cannot be used for processing of musical instruments, as it can damage lacquer coating and have a negative impact on the health of the musician. The best rosin Laubach. It contains micro-particles of gold of 999 tests.
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