Specialty stores

The word "rosin" is familiar to every person who is at least somehow experienced with soldering. It is this area is the main area in which pine resin is used, its combination with chemical impurities and is called rosin. It is used as a solder, that is soldering iron works with it. In this regard, it becomes clear that you can buy it in specialized shops that sell electrical wires and wiring products.

In such places this substance is sold in different amounts. Experts tell you how much rosin you will need for soldering, and advise her a certain look. The fact that there are several types, which differ from each other by the type of raw materials and the method of obtaining.

There are gum rosin, which is obtained by Stripping turpentine from the treated resin. There is an extraction resin, produced by extraction of the crushed wood. The last kind of tall oil rosin, which is manufactured by fractional distillation of tall oil. So the price of the substance will depend on its parameters.

Conventional or mixed stores

Rosin can be purchased in mixed retail stores, such as Housewares and thousands of details. It is worth considering that in these areas the choice is not so wide, but in case of urgency you can apply it there. You can see and buy this stuff in music stores, because the musicians use pine tar to RUB the tuning pegs of the guitar. By the way, this rosin is very high quality. In some cities it is sold in ordinary kiosks, but you need to be careful while choosing it. If it is sold in black bottles, it's possible that there mixed with extra substances, with the result that instead of cleaning the soldering turns out dirt and odor.

Online store

Of course, instead of having to bypass the numerous places where it can be sold to rosin, it is better to use the Internet. Currently, there are many sites offering such goods. Comfort in the fact that some of them can be seen the composition of the substance. It is very easy to choose a suitable type and volume. Don't go anywhere enough to make a few clicks and the product will be delivered after a certain period of time. Although this method of purchase is not suitable for those who need resin urgently.