Advice 1: How to soften the suede

Suede clothing has a very inconvenient property – over time, it becomes hard. Of course, it spoils her whole look. To our benefit there are ways to soften the suede and give it if not the original appearance, it is quite attractive.
How to soften the suede
First good wet suede. Do not forget that it should not get wet. For steaming you can keep the garment over boiling water. There is another option – close the bathroom door, turn on a hot shower and some time to be inside the room.After some time, a good dry with a chamois and start again to steam. Thus the need to do this a few times, about five or six. It soon becomes apparent that you did little to soften the suede.
Razmeshivaya suede, if possible. You then need to repeat the previous cycle of steaming and drying. If you're trying to soften the material of the Shoe, after exposure to wet steam natalyite there more crumpled Newspapers. This will help to ensure that while drying suede didn't shrink back.
Wipe the suede with the vinegar solution. It is prepared as follows: one teaspoon of vinegar diluted in a liter of water. You can also use the solution with application of ammonia. But it has a very pungent smell.
If after all you failed to soften the suede as it would like, you might consider another effective method. Wipe the surface with a solution of glycerin. For its production about half a teaspoon dissolve in one liter of water. Suede will be noticeably smoother.
Now dry clothing or accessory, and then treated with special water-repellent composition intended for suede. They can be purchased at the hardware or haberdashery.
Definitely won't be able to give suede original look, she had at purchase. But the clothes will become very good appearance and would be suitable for everyday wear. Just try to avoid getting wet, otherwise the material will once again cringe.

Advice 2 : How to stretch boots

Almost everyone in his life faced with the need to stretch the boots. This may be stretching the shaft or the toe or heel, if you don't quite fit the width of the footwear or its size.
How to stretch boots

Length and fullness boots differs depending on the model, but what if the size down is too tight, and hangs freely? In this case, the only way to stretch boots in the foot.

The surest method to properly stretch boots give them in a Shoe shop, where stretching is carried out on special machines. Pressure on selected stocks every boot stretched in the right place and in the right amount, so far as the material and especially the location of seams and accessories.

However, if there is no possibility to use the services of the workshop, you can try to stretch boots at home.

How to stretch boots at home?

Before you begin stretching, you need to make sure your boots are clean, you can wipe them outside with a damp cloth.


  1. The easiest way is to put on some socks under the boots and wear them for an hour, then fill them from socks to heels with wet newspaper to maintain its shape of the boot. Leave the paper overnight, this will soften the skin, and in the morning, repeat the process of rassasyvaniya with socks. This can be repeated as long as the boots will stretch.

  2. Treat boots inside (if they are not fur) on the outside and castor oil, and wear hours wearing several pairs of socks previously. At night the skin is treated with a fat cream or a special banner, set inside the Shoe on the foot shape. Repeat this process until boots will not stretch.

  3. Leather boots can be stretched to soften the material with boiling water from the hot water it softens and is easier to take the shape of their feet.

  4. When stretching patent leather boots use special foam and sprays. Shoes rubber, fabrics and natural materials stretch very difficult.

  5. If after a month of intensive treatments boots are not echoed, will have to buy a new pair.

Advice 3 : How to stretch suede shoes

Suede shoes - one of the most capricious. In addition to the careful maintenance in the form of special brushes and sprays, it will require a lot of patience from the owners at the beginning of the socks. If the new suede shoes shake, you should try a few methods of stretching.
How to stretch suede shoes
Get a special spray-stretching in a Shoe store. Developed by experts formula helps the skin to stretch and to sit exactly on the leg. Splash spray inside the shoes and slide it onto the leg. So like a couple of hours, and shoes will cease to be a nuisance.
Take advantage of the popular method of struggle against tight shoes. Cotton socks soak with warm water, put on them shoes and wear for hours. If the socks are dry, soak again.
Widely known method for stretching suede shoes is the use of alcohol. Make a solution in alcohol or take vodka, soak cotton wool inside shoes and put her bare foot. Walk in the shoes at least an hour. If you can't wear a Shoe without a sock, do the following: wet the sock with vodka, slightly wring out, and put it on top of the shoes. Most importantly, do not wear shoes with alcohol more than 2-3 hours, otherwise the suede will stretch too much.
Use the newspaper. For footwear, try a newspaper, moisten it, it should be wet, and fill her shoes. Leave overnight - in the morning you will get a stretched shoes.
Boil water, soak in it a cotton cloth. Each Shoe, wrap a cloth and leave until cool and dry. Do not put shoes to the heaters and batteries to speed up the process, the effect of this stretching is reduced or even missing. After drying Melo wear shoes, they seem much freer.
Use the services of professionals. Almost any repair shop eats Shoe service Shoe stretching. Contact the nearest item to you quickly and efficiently pull huddling shoes.
Suede tends to stretch yourself. Do not rush to apply methods to increase the size of the Shoe from the inside first, wear shoes a week (at home if too much rubbing). May shoes sit on the leg without assistance.
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