First good wet suede. Do not forget that it should not get wet. For steaming you can keep the garment over boiling water. There is another option – close the bathroom door, turn on a hot shower and some time to be inside the room.After some time, a good dry with a chamois and start again to steam. Thus the need to do this a few times, about five or six. It soon becomes apparent that you did little to soften the suede.
Razmeshivaya suede, if possible. You then need to repeat the previous cycle of steaming and drying. If you're trying to soften the material of the Shoe, after exposure to wet steam natalyite there more crumpled Newspapers. This will help to ensure that while drying suede didn't shrink back.
Wipe the suede with the vinegar solution. It is prepared as follows: one teaspoon of vinegar diluted in a liter of water. You can also use the solution with application of ammonia. But it has a very pungent smell.
If after all you failed to soften the suede as it would like, you might consider another effective method. Wipe the surface with a solution of glycerin. For its production about half a teaspoon dissolve in one liter of water. Suede will be noticeably smoother.
Now dry clothing or accessory, and then treated with special water-repellent composition intended for suede. They can be purchased at the hardware or haberdashery.
Definitely won't be able to give suede original look, she had at purchase. But the clothes will become very good appearance and would be suitable for everyday wear. Just try to avoid getting wet, otherwise the material will once again cringe.