On the website Vtormetall.BIZ is a list of points of reception of metal in different cities. Visit the page http://vtormetall.biz/punkty-priema find your locality in the proposed list and then select the most suitable point of reception.

Scrap metal can be delivered at the point of admission on their own, but if this is difficult, try to call at your chosen reception point. Usually in this case, the organization will send to your address your representative, who will determine the quality of raw materials, its volume and tells you the approximate price. Note: black is cheaper scrap of non-ferrous metals. If you agree with the price, the recyclables will be loaded on a car and taken to the collection point and you will receive an agreed payment. However, it will be below that which you would get and the delivery of scrap metal yourself.

If you are going to scrap regularly and in very large quantities, and the choice of host organisation should be approached more responsibly. Not be amiss to compare prices (but implausible inflated prices is better not to trust), to see if there was a license for procurement, storage, processing and realization of scrap of complying with the environmental requirements. Ask if there are any special ground for receiving and machinery for export of scrap. Would be nice to get positive feedback about the selected company.

Sometimes reception centers also provide other services: disassemble metal or cut large metal objects.

Of waste paper collection points can also be found on a special website: http://priem-makulatura.ru/ .

Do not forget that the paper is of varying quality, it affects her price. Also, in addition to volume, it depends on humidity and the presence of garbage in the recyclables. From garbage better to get rid of, the paper dried and sorted for quality. Otherwise, the entire paper will take one, the lowest, price.

Not accepted: paper towels, toilet paper, paper disposable tableware, waxed, laminated, self-adhesive paper, self-copy paper, paper plated holes or water marks. Dirty or oil paper, of course, also will not accept.

By calling the phone numbers in points, you can always find out the admission cost and terms of delivery.