In the first and second embodiments, the bottles are placed on a special tape with a window. The machine immediately moves it inside. After uploading all of the bottles, press the green button. Immediately triggered recognition system of cost bottles of their barcode. Further actions of the machine are different: in the first case, he gives money, and the second check. With this ticket, you must come to the box office and receive cash in the amount specified in the check.
Containers. They are located in almost all cities. Are small pots with a slit in the middle that pushes unnecessary plastic bottles. Also they can still be used as a container for cans made of plastic.
Points of reception. These organizations are open in all cities and even villages. Job profile they are completely different. For example, "Recycled" buys plastic for recycling. Company "Antey-Plast" and "Ecopolitan". They are located in Belarus and engaged in recycling bottles, plastic and polyethylene, which take from the common people.
The organization of independent melting. A small reprocessing plant plastic, you can arrange in the woods with a bonfire and cans. Cans are placed in the bottle. It is installed inside the grill, which previously fueled the fire. During the melting the mass must be in the way. Residues from bottles vystragivaetsja and are formed into packets. The package can be left on the plant for the collection of recyclable materials. The main advantage of this method is that when melting in cans no smell, no smoke doesn't happen. These factors play an important role in maintaining clean air.