Disadvantage of mercury thermometer, only one - its fragility. The main working component of traditional thermometer mercury enclosed in a glass transparent tube. Damage it very easily, resulting in possible leakage of mercury. Spilled from a thermometer the mercury is not a threat, but allocated it pairs extremely dangerous. Inhalation of mercury vapor leads to severe poisoning with serious consequences.
That is why, even if your old mercury thermometer is not damaged, but just needs to recycle, to throw it away with household waste - is irresponsible and very dangerous.
If the thermometer is not damaged, but got corrupted and can no longer be used, dispose of it. The main question faced by responsible citizens who do not wish to throw away mercury thermometer to the nearest ballot box - where should I put the thermometer for disposal. Under current law, to accept thermometers for recycling are required in pharmacies and hospitals, where there should be available a specialized rigid containers for the transportation of mercury thermometers.
Directly disposal doing most often private companies that have passed state accreditation. Often, however, legislation is not as effective as we would like. If contrary to regulations, to take the thermometer at the nearest health facility refuse to specify the address of the receiving point in the district administration.
If the thermometer is damaged, it is necessary to urgently take emergency measures. The best solution would be to call the MOE, specialists in such challenges come quickly, carry out high-quality processing, which solves the problem. And it is not necessary to assume that a couple of mercury balls in a large apartment safe. Mercury is a poison, so MOE comes to such challenges, no questions asked.
However, there are times when to solve a similar problem have their own. In this case, the main thing is not to panic, and to consistently perform all the necessary actions.
First of all, you need to provide quality ventilation - open Windows and vents. Then assemble the pieces of a thermometer, don't forget to wear gloves. Visible drops of mercury pick up a rubber bulb or with a napkin dipped in oil. The collected drops and debris must be placed in a jar of water, cover tightly, at the first opportunity to take it in recycling. Place, which got mercury, it is necessary to process strong solution of chlorine or manganese.