If you are going to discover only the item of reception of recyclable materials, without further processing, then you will not need to register a legal entity. Register only SP (SP). However, if you are going to work with scrap metal, you need to register a legal entity.
In order to register an unincorporated business must submit to the local tax office the following documents:
- the statement;
- passport;
- INN;
- a list of the main types of work.
In addition, if the need arises, provide the details of the Bank where you plan to open (or already opened) an account. The same documents are available and when registration of a legal entity (LLC). In addition, in this case, it is necessary to specify information about the Bank account, as well as the provision of the constituent documents of the enterprise.
The period of registration of unincorporated business or LLC usually takes no more than 5 days. If you are planning to hire more than 15 people, the extract from egrip/to EGRUL should be mentioned NACE codes, in accordance with information about the main types of work. Design NACE will take you 2 to 4 days. Order printing for your business.
Find and hire (or buy) a room (or several) where you could store and take recyclables. Get a positive conclusion about the satisfactory condition of the premises of the environmental expert Committee of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance and fire service.
Due to the fact that many types of recyclables belong to the IV class of hazard waste, get a license at the local branch of Rostechnadzor in the provision of services for its reception. Submit the following documents:
- the statement;
- passport and identification code;
- constituent documents of SP;
- list of waste (of all hazard classes – I to IV), the reception of which you plan to implement;
- a copy of the environmental clearance space;
- copies of lease agreements or purchase and sale facilities where you will be collecting recyclable materials;
- a copy of the opinion from sanepidnadzora on the appropriate state space.