Before disposing of old appliances, you can benefit from them in the truest sense of the word. Most appliances contain non-ferrous metals, which can be very beneficial to take it in special points of reception. Of course, examining only their own broken equipment to earn a lot of money will fail, but if you approach the matter seriously and collect scrap metal for relatives, friends, and landfills, that can significantly replenish the family budget.

The main sources of copper.

One of the most costly and common metals in consumer electronics is copper. This particular metal more than others attracts the attention of collectors of scrap, because of its high cost and wide application due to its properties.
For example, the old tube TV may contain copper parts weighing up to 1.5 kg Worse with the new models of solid-state televisions, but they can gather up to 0.5 kg of copper. Still a good content of copper coil and spare parts different compression refrigerators and electric motors, the copper content of up to 1 kg. But it often happens that the brass fittings they are inside the aluminum or worse cast housing that involves the use of "grinder" and greatly complicates the extraction of copper scrap.
You can get copper for delivery in scrap metal and in such a device as: transformers, starters, relays, magnetic starters, fluorescent fittings, lamps. The yield of pure metal in these items is not too large, but due to their high prevalence and widespread application relate to a fairly attractive sources of non-ferrous scrap.

How to collect copper?

To optimize the collection of scrap metal it is necessary to develop algorithm collect magnisoderjasimi devices, their delivery to the place of parse, the parse and course delivery at the point of admission. The major sources of copper scrap include landfills, construction sites, and abandoned the transformer box. Location parsing and storage can serve as a garage. It is certainly possible to conduct analysis directly on site, but you have to carry all the necessary tools, so this option is suitable only if you have a car.
To get copper for delivery in scrap metal that's still half of the case. Most important it is profitable to sell the extracted metal. During the year prices for non-ferrous metal scrap can vary greatly and since summer is the main season of extraction of copper, to take her in this period is not very desirable. It is better to store the extracted copper to the winter and to wait for higher prices of admission, so it is possible it is more profitable to take the copper to scrap.