Points of reception are primarily interested in thick-walled metal fragments, it is also desirable that these fragments were of small size. The reasons for these specific preferences are saving time and money during the processing of scrap metal and prepare it for shipment. If you want to pass this scrap, you can count on a good price.
It is much harder to hand over in scrap metal structures of large dimensions. First, transport the large pieces of metal ship is problematic, it is necessary to consider a height restriction of goods available in the way of pipelines, bridges and other similar obstacles. The second issue is weighting. Covered weight the car with a bulky scrap and can not enter, and if you use a weighing load cell, weighing accuracy will be lower.
Reduce the price for the scrap and in that case, if metalloloma have to cut the design into pieces that the press will not fit. It is based on the cost of propane, oxygen, etc., so the price for scrap will reduce significantly.
Solid acceptors of scrap metal can come to you and pick up your scrap non-standard sizes. They have special equipment with hydraulic manipulators, cranes. They will save you from lots of hassle – do not need to think which route to take scrap and where to get a car to transport it, it is not necessary to obtain permission of travel by the characters and to puzzle over other questions. Do you like tomodatchi or your representative must be present only when weighing scrap and clearance.