Do not dispose of old appliances for a total dump. According to experts, even an old kinescope is able to bring great harm to the environment. If you bury it in the ground, it will be a source of heavy metals. This also applies to computer monitors, but rather, it is the plastic base that even fire cannot destroy, what can we say about nature.
For disposal of old appliances there are several places receiving it for secondary circulation or processing. For example, recycled you can take the old fridge, washing machine and cooker, gas and electric, as they are a source of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The processing can include plastic, glass or rubber items, TV, microwave, VCR.
To donate old equipment to a repair shop. But remember that the TV produced in the days of the Soviet Union, is unlikely to be adopted, but modern technology will take you with great pleasure. Of course, get paid for it the fabulous sum is impossible, but it's much better than just to throw it in the trash.
Today, in most large stores specializing in the sale of new home equipment, very often held shares, allowing you to swap old equipment for new. The result is surrendering them, an old TV, you can get a discount on the purchase of a new. In these stores, in addition to TVs, you can exchange the cartridges, the old manual meat grinder, microwave ovens, blenders and more. It is not necessary to engage in the overall delivery of the cargo by yourself, you can use the services of movers kindly provided by the store. Often, this service is completely free.
As an option, an old but still working equipment you can give to people in need. Remember that donating old equipment, you not only loose your house or apartment from unnecessary waste, but also care about the safety of the environment.