Also this feeling is called "sucking in the stomach". The name of its typical location is under the xiphoid process, which was previously called with a spoon.

The causes of this condition several. Sucking in the stomach, because it violated the function of the organ of the digestive system or an unpleasant sensation is caused by activity of the nerve endings in the area of the solar plexus.

Violations on the part of the stomach

The feeling that sucking in the stomach, appears, when it begins to run digestive function, actively allocated the enzymes and products of digestion are not available. Therefore, the stomach signals that is ready for digestion and food yet.

If the long-awaited food is not supplied, the selected enzymes begin to act on the stomach wall and trying to break down the mucous. Of course, the body begins to resist this process and clamoring for food, and the feeling of sucking in the stomach just becomes unbearable. Of course, if the products will not arrive in the stomach, the enzymes will not dissolve its wall, but can cause diseases of the mucous membrane.

Gastritis and ulcers of the stomach also create the feeling that sucking in the stomach. Inflammation irritate the stomach and disrupt its acid environment. In the acidity, the body tries to regulate its performance, so the stomach sends a signal of hunger, and that hunger gnaws at the stomach. When eating acid required for the cleavage products and the nagging feeling goes away.

Nervous excitement

If a person is going through and worry about anything, even on a subconscious level, his body emits a specific biologically active substances. Anxiety hormones, such as thyroxine and adrenaline, lead to increased innervation of nerve cells.

And one of the largest clusters of nerve endings is the solar plexus, which is in the area of the epigastrium. Under the influence of hormones, the excitement, aktiviziruyutsya the cells of the solar plexus and, accordingly, in this area there is a special feeling, which the brain transformerait, as if sucking in the stomach.

Discomfort the type of "sucks in the stomach", often characteristic of students. Because they have a whole set of causing factors: heightened emotional state because of their age, common experiences associated with learning and a student gastritis. Over the years, this sense is dulled and repeated only when severe unrest.