Advice 1: How to get rid of gases in stomach

Gases in the stomach caused by swallowing air while eating or eating, which causes their education. Also, some of the disease slow down digestion and cause gas formation in the stomach (cardiac failure, dysfunction of the pancreas, etc.).
How to get rid of gases in stomach
You will need
  • - activated charcoal or smectite;
  • - a drink made from fennel, mint, lemon balm, ginger;
  • dill water;
  • - an infusion of eucalyptus;
  • - the roots of elecampane;
  • - onion juice.
Try to eat slowly. Hasty swallow pieces of food and drink triggers the swallowing of air what causes pain from gas in the stomach. Deliberately slow down the speed of eating, learn to receive from this process pleasure. After a meal it is best to walk, and after a few hours exercise – moderate load improves digestion. Try not to worry and avoid stressful situations, as they may cause flatulence and disturbance of the process of digestion.
Reduce the number of products that long or not fully digested. Such products include any kind of cabbage (Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage), legumes, grapes, juices, sodas, ice cream, etc. will Also decrease in the diet proportion of fresh bread, apples, potatoes, discard the beer.
If you have overeaten, we can reduce the discomfort will help the administration of activated charcoal or Smecta.
Drink herbal infusions and decoctions – a drink made from fennel, mint, lemon balm, ginger. Prepare dill water – mix one tablespoon of dill oil in a glass of water and drink a tablespoon six times a day. The infusion of eucalyptus (spoon of dry leaves to 0.5 liters of water) drink two glasses, twice a day. Boil the crushed roots of elecampane (30 grams of raw material per liter of water) for five minutes, strain and drink the broth of 100 ml three times a day. Infusion of parsley – crush fresh herbs, stolzite it and cover with water for 8 hours. The infusion can be consumed throughout the day in equal portions.
Improve your stomach and drink onion juice. Grate a large onion, a squeeze of the mass of juice, mix it with the same amount of beet juice and add to the mixture a little lemon juice. Dilute 30 ml of the composition in half Cup of hot water and drink thrice a day before food.
If gas bothers you often, then take a course of treatment magnesium – take one gram of powder before meals.
Take the sorbents in the preventive purposes – activated charcoal will help prevent gas formation. Calculate your daily dosage (one tablet per ten kg of body weight) – charcoal helps to remove toxins and wastes.

Advice 2: How to get rid of gas when pregnant

During pregnancy, when the use of any medication is undesirable, the problem of increased gas formation can be solved folk remedies. For example, from the seeds of dill, parsley or fennel to prepare an infusion, Bay 1 teaspoon of raw materials for 200 ml boiling water. The tool must stand under cover for 4 hours, and take it 1 hour before meals 3 times a day.
Pears and grapes increase flatulence in pregnant women

How dangerous flatulence during pregnancy?

The accumulated gases, causing the feeling of fullness of the bowel, during pregnancy can cause miscarriage. And although it happens rarely, to risk ignoring such a deviation for health, not worth it. Nasty belching, rumbling and pain in the stomach, gas colic – all this is a manifestation of bloating, or excessive gas formation.

In the early stages of pregnancy such a problem in women usually not. However, it can appear in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as the uterus increases in size.

Why pregnancy increases the gas?

In addition to the enlarged uterus pressing loops of the large intestine, the development of flatulence may also be caused by such factors as:
- improper diet;
- dysbacteriosis of the intestine;
- diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
the lack of enzymes responsible for the digestion of food;
- "relaxing" effect of the hormone progesterone.

As to prevent the accumulation of gases: tips for pregnant women

Compliance with the rules of nutrition is not only eating certain foods. According to them, people don't have to eat standing up and make snacking on the go. This is especially true expectant mothers that air pocket in the gut to anything.

During the meal, pregnant women are not recommended to worry and think about unpleasant things, because negative emotions contribute to the swallowing of air. As for the food, would be better to divide your diet into 4 – 5 receptions than to absorb a large number of products for 2 times. Portions should be such that they do not lead to overeating.

In addition, pregnant should know which foods accelerate the process of forming, and to refuse their use. These include: pickled vegetables, pulses, grapes, pears, onions, garlic, cabbage, pickles, rye bread, sweets, kvass, carbonated drinks. Meanwhile, the consumption of any dairy products is encouraged because they contain helpful bacteria that do not allow the accumulation of gases.

Healthy lifestyle as a way of preventing flatulence

Preventive measures aimed at stabilization of the intestine in pregnancy are:
1. swimming;
2. walks in the fresh air;
3. daily performance of special exercises for the intestines.

To exercise pregnant should take a position lying on your side and stroke a stomach clockwise for 10 – 15 minutes. Then it should turn on the other side, lift the foot and try to release gases.
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