To get rid of the rumbling in the intestines, first of all, follow the principles of healthy nutrition, because the main cause of churning is the formation of gas released in the fermentation and putrefaction of food masses. And this leads to insufficient or incorrect digested food.
Since the digestive process begins in the mouth, and thoroughly chew food. It promotes the normal production of gastric juice, own lactobacilli, which greatly facilitates the further process of digestion of food.
Further digestion continues in the stomach, so take care of normal concentration of gastric juice. To do this, do not drink before, during and after a meal. If necessary, eat only acidic drinks and in small quantities.
Be sure to drink a clean glass of water 30-40 minutes before meals. It is necessary for the formation of gastric and intestinal juice. Also, consume water 1-1 .5 after a meal. Remaining after digestion the final product in the form of salts and acids are more easily excreted and not stored in the organs and tissues in the form of toxins that disrupt intestinal flora and cause dysbiosis.
Do not drink immediately after eating sweets and pastry. They cause fermentation, which quickly begins to manifest by rumbling in the intestines. The same effect is produced some fruits – grapes, pears.
At the time of the restoration of microflora in the intestines eliminate from the diet of potatoes, milk, bread, confectionery and sugar. And be sure to include in the diet are onion, garlic, fresh herbs, raw vegetables and fruit, clean water (at least 1.5 l). Every evening for the night, drink a glass of kefir or yogurt. Formed in them are useful bacteria to restore good intestinal environment.
Observe the principles of healthy nutrition with simultaneous suppression of pathogens and the restoration of beneficial intestinal microflora. To suppress pathogenic bacteria use bacteriophages - pharmaceutical or natural (daily morning fasting eat without chewing a clove of garlic). To restore use bifidum and laktobakterin. And to feed the beneficial bacteria drink fresh cranberry juice, Apple juice, broth hips.
To get rid of the rumbling in the intestines may need some time. And in each case it is individually. So follow all the recommendations until the termination of all signs of dysbiosis. And when the full restoration, use the same measures for the prevention of dysbiosis.