On the production of gastric juice affects the nervous system. Inhibit release such strong emotions as anger or fear. So before you sit down, try to calm down, discarding all thoughts of problems and concerns.
Heavy physical work is also not the best way affects the work of the stomach. Try to refrain from eating at least half an hour after work or sports activities.
Try to eat regularly, but not doing endless snacking. The digestive organs also need to rest, so eat only when it is hunger, three or four hours after the last meal. Do not eat large portions. It is better to split them and eat at different times, so as not to overload the stomach.
Drinking liquid before eating but not after. To work stomach will be better if you will be relaxed and chew well and drink it.
If you suffer from constipation, before the main meal good to eat raw vegetables or fruits — that fiber improves digestion. With this, you can eat apples, cabbage in any form, carrots, cucumbers, peppers (Bulgarian). But if you suffer from diarrhea, the amount of raw food should be reduced. For easier digestion of thermally processed foods. But, of course, not fried and heavy flour. Also, don't mix raw foods with cooked, baked or stewed dishes. It causes putrefactive processes in the body, like eating fruits at the end of the meal.
For stomach helpful not too cold or hot food: the first slows the work of enzymes in the stomach, the last one destroys most of them.
After a meal don't go heavy work, but not go – and then, and more harmful. Better relax and take a walk at least 20 minutes.
For the restoration of the stomach from time to time to spend fasting days. At this time eliminate from the diet fatty meat, dairy and flour products, sweets and salty foods. Drinks such as coffee and tea, is also not recommended.
On the fast day, prepare yourself a Breakfast of fruit salad and teas from medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, lemon balm and St. John's wort, rosehip, raspberry (leaves) and flowers of mountain ash. Lunch can cook meatless vegetable soup, make a vegetable salad with cheese and herbal tea. And for dinner, prepare a salad, which season the lemon juice, olive oil, parsley and mint.