Alcohol intolerance

Intolerance to alcohol is inherited. In this case the redness is due to the fact that when alcohol hit the capillaries of the face, shoulders, neck begins to expand, which causes the formation of red spots. On the background of redness increases the overall body temperature. This effect is associated with an anomaly in which the body does not produce the enzyme to break down alcohol. The reaction may occur already after the first serving of alcohol. When you see this effect it is necessary to stop intake of alcohol to avoid negative consequences for vessels and body as a whole.
In the presence of alcoholic intolerance alcohol causes more risk of occurrence of oncological diseases of the digestive system and liver.

Allergic reaction

Allergic reaction occurs due to the presence of alcohol impurities that are not accepted by the body. Allergic to alcohol that usually manifests itself only in the form of redness of the face - some people may experience itching, red spots all over the body, occur swelling. On the background of the symptoms can increase blood pressure and cause breathing problems. While a person comes very quick intoxication even after a small amount of alcohol. Discontinuation of alcohol Allergy is a few hours. The symptoms of an allergic reaction can be removed with antihistamines.
To avoid allergies, you should drink alcohol containing a minimum of preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

Reaction vessels

After drinking the portions of wine or strong alcohol in the body increases blood circulation, which also leads to vasodilatation. Also in this case, it may redden the skin. The redness may commence at once, and his arrival may depend on the number of received alcohol. If the redness does not cause discomfort and is manifested only in the form of a blush, there is no reason for anxiety is a normal reaction to alcohol.

Chronic alcoholism

In chronic alcoholism the face is constantly red because of irregularities in the capillaries. With regular use of alcohol subcutaneous capillaries are expanded continuously, which leads to disruption of the elasticity of the walls, causing the blood flow is disturbed and the blood vessels begin to burst. Also the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and swelling of the face may indicate a malfunction of the liver and kidneys. In this case, you should definitely contact a doctor for a consultation and appointment required treatment.