Advice 1: Looks like an alcoholic

Regular alcohol consumption destroys the entire human body. The metabolic disorders caused by alcohol, lead to characteristic changes in appearance, easily allows to identify the intoxicating lover. Diseases of the internal organs, the development of which triggered the systematic use of alcohol, also contribute to the formation of the typical appearance of an alcoholic.
Looks like an alcoholic

The appearance of the alcoholic: the characteristics

On the exterior is reflected even household drinking, which experts attribute to prodromal the period before the actual alcoholism. An often drinking man appear circles under the eyes become noticeable burst small blood vessels in the whites of the eyes, giving them a reddish color. Vasodilation leads to redness of the face.

Later, the systematic use of alcohol causes more significant changes, such as the pasty (swelling, pallor) of the face, wrinkling skin, circles under the eyes are replaced by bluish bags, the skin swells and darkens. The whites of the eyes become cloudy, fade hair, typical premature hair loss or early graying. Wrinkles deepen considerably, the characteristic pronounced nasolabial folds.

With the progression of alcoholism the face of the patients acquires the typical features of – experts call this phenomenon "the face of an alcoholic". Increases tissue edema, develops in the nerves of the facial muscles (neuropathy), causing the line of the mouth fade out, lower lip droops, facial expressions will become. The face becomes mask-like appearance due to swelling and muscle weakness. Burst capillaries give the face and especially the nose tinged with red, later changing yellowish earthy due to alcoholic liver disease.

Due to the destruction and subsequent loss of teeth the lower part of the face of an alcoholic has a characteristic appearance – mouth bursts, the cheeks are sunken. The sight becomes cloudy, becomes meaningless. Violation of the sebaceous glands leads to acne.

Voice, gait, speech

Lack of coordination makes walking a shaky alcoholic, even in a relatively sober state is moving he slowly drug his feet. The execution of fine movements difficult, including due to hand tremor – constant shaking of hands.

The voice of an alcoholic because of the defeat of the vocal cords becomes hoarse, the patient bad adjusts the volume of speech, intonation obitnytsya. Characteristic also unclear speech, its emotionalism in a state of intoxication and diminished – at withdrawal, while with the strengthening of intoxication emotional speech is also reduced.

The disintegration of personality alcoholic causes carelessness, neglect of basic hygiene. The breath acquires a characteristic alcoholic smell, compounded because of disorders of the digestive tract. Lack of coordination and reduced sensitivity of the skin lead to constant small injuries – a patient's body may be covered with cuts, abrasions, bruises that are slow to heal and frequently become inflamed due to poor hygiene and low immunity.

Advice 2: What is a torpedo from alcoholism

Alcoholism is a terrible disease, to win which is almost impossible. There are several medical coding methods and the most effective is "Torpedo".
What is a torpedo from alcoholism
This medical method to relieve a person from alcohol dependence received its name from the first drug, underlying this method. "Active force" of the drug was disulfiram - ethanol incompatible with the substance. Today are used based drugs and other substances.

It looks like and applies a torpedo

Since "Torpedo" penetrates directly into the human body, it exists in two forms: tablet and injection.

If it's a pill, she is assigned under the skin of the patient. That is, a doctor-a psychiatrist treats a skin and makes a small incision, and then descends to the same "pill to get rid of alcoholism. Undergoing this procedure can not some random doctor that came to hand, namely a psychiatrist and at creating the necessary conditions.

If "a Torpedo" has the form of regular injections, she just is injected intramuscularly. Of course, the doctor-psychiatrist in the room where all the necessary conditions for the procedure.

The action of "Torpedoes" lasts a few months, and then maybe a repeat procedure if the first has not led to the desired result.

How a torpedo works

The action of "Torpedo" is very simple: if a person, under the skin, which was sewn "Torpedo", will drink alcohol, he will immediately feel a sharp deterioration. It can be expressed headache and nausea, sudden feeling of panic and anxiety, etc. But there are cases that "runaway" alcoholic dies, if he has a weak or underdeveloped body immune system.

That is why the procedure for sewing or injectioning "Torpedo" is accompanied by a psychotherapy session where the patient clearly explain and even show the effect of the drug. For example, he is immediately invited to drink a small amount alcohol drink that he felt and remembered the action of the torpedo. Naturally, he was immediately given medical care.

Sometimes the patient simply being bullied, telling about the terrible consequences of relapse. Used this method: the doctor earnestly requires of the person who is going to sew or have sewn a "Torpedo", a receipt, in which he fully takes responsibility for his life.

But the "Torpedo", unfortunately, does not give an absolute guarantee of cure for alcohol addiction: someone quits drinking for only a few months or a few years, and someone will not part with alcohol even for a day.

Advice 3: What to do if husband is an alcoholic

Relations in a family where the husband drinks, is difficult to understand. Why the wife of him not leaving? Some believe that children should not grow up without a father, others a strong love. What to do in this case?
What to do if husband is an alcoholic
Unfortunately, at present, families with drinking men full. Often suffers not only the spouse but also children. How in such situation to do? And like a divorce do not want to say, but this life is no good.

If the husband is an alcoholic, there are two choices: either to convince him to recover, or to divorce. The situations are different. If the husband earns, she supports her family, but it's drinking on more than half of these funds to the wife to file for divorce is still difficult to decide, as it in some measure depends. Anyway, in any case, with such a husband to stay together makes no sense. It only gets worse.

At a different outcome, it often happens that the wife is scared of husband, and therefore does not go away. Yes, and even relatives, friends, acquaintances, in General, all advise to save the marriage. But why throw his life away on a man who wasn't worthy? Therefore, the decision is unambiguous and unequivocal: save yourself! Not that happiness, any kind of life with her husband-an alcoholic will not. Think at the end of it all for once about yourself.

When the spouse of such a person hear that in any case, children should be father, consider the example he gives to his offspring. Maybe someone will seem cruel, but better than no father at all than with this. To the good upbringing by alcoholic children will not. Here already the wife is responsible not only for their lives. She needs to take care of a better future for their babies.

Some women blindly believe that this binge period only black band in life, which is to take place soon. But alcoholic husband will not change. He is not able to stop drinking. If you do not treat it, this person is already lost for society. The wife should help to overcome the addiction. She has to take her husband to the clinic because without outside intervention is necessary.

Advice 4: What happens if a coded alcoholic drink vodka

Coding is one of the most effective treatments for alcohol dependence. This method of abstinence from alcohol is the introduction of special preparations and consultation with your doctor regarding the effects of medications and the need to exclude alcohol forever.
What happens if a coded alcoholic drink vodka

Intake of alcohol after encoding

Drugs used in coding of alcohol-dependent people, affect the body's ability to take alcoholic beverages and to process them. After the introduction of medications the patient is requested to drink small amounts of vodka to feel the effect of the procedure.
In some cases, patients do not try to consumed a dose of alcohol, but the doctor reports the presence of side effects, possible with the use of alcohol after the procedure of coding.

Among the consequences that occur after drinking alcohol during the period of action of the drug, there are severe nausea or vomiting, dyspnea, increased blood pressure, tachycardia and palpitations, allergic reactions and rashes. These symptoms may be accompanied by severe headaches, weakness, neurological disorders (e.g., tremor). The deterioration is long term and can create serious consequences for the patient. The reaction can occur not only after receiving the vodka, but also in the use of other alcoholic beverages.

The degree of rejection of alcohol may be an individual or even not occur in some patients. A lot depends on the type of injected medication and its effectiveness in the treatment of a particular patient. The reaction depends on the physical condition of the patient, age, presence of cardiovascular diseases.
In some cases after drinking alcohol in the company of encoding may require calling a doctor for further hospitalization.

Types of drugs

Among the most famous medications notes "Esperal", "Disulfiram", "torpedo", the "MCPFE", "Vitamers", "Echoplex", "Alaminol". Some hospitals offer to do hypnosis, which, however, does not always help in the treatment of addiction. Each of these drugs affects the body by alcohol use. For example, "torpedo" is based on the use of drugs incompatible with alcohol. After drinking, the patient is called reaction, which is close to fatal condition. Drugs MST, NIT and SIT can cause respiratory failure or convulsions in a patient. "Espiral" is distinguished by its relatively mild effect, but causes aversion to alcohol.

Durability of effect coding

Despite the prevalence of methods of medical coding, they will still be based on the psychological factor. The action of many drugs ends after some time (a few weeks), but the person remains convinced that the drug is still valid. Thus, many drugs to treat alcoholism are considered as placebo and no serious changes in the body does not make. However, all these drugs have a wide range of contraindications to consider before zakodirovatsia.

Advice 5: Can an alcoholic with 15 years of experience to stop drinking myself

People with 15 years of experience of drink of alcohol may leave it alone. If you understand the working mechanisms of alcoholic traps. She works exclusively on the erroneous beliefs that are ingrained in the minds of the drinker and society as a whole.
Can an alcoholic with 15 years of experience to stop drinking myself

Why a person continues to drink

To stop drinking, do not have to take into account your past experience. People who periodically drink alcohol, can consider themselves alcoholics at different stages of the disease. Just some of them stuck in the swamp deeper, and someone is still near its surface. If people rarely abuse alcohol or trying not to abuse at all, it does not mean that the trap is over it doesn't shut. The fact that alcohol is a legal poison, the use of which the people themselves come up with a clever excuse.

The man continues to drink for 15 years not because he likes it, and he becomes happier. It just keeps the mechanism of alcoholic traps. If he wants to understand the basic principles of this mechanism, the desire to drink may disappear altogether. Perhaps such a person in my 15 years of experience have repeatedly tried podesavati. But time has shown that he is not capable of. Then he stopped trying, in desperation, reasoning that he has a physical defect in the body, which encourages him to drink.

What was the error of such tactics? Trying to quit drinking on their own, people resort to methods that rely on willpower. Drinking had to collect all will in a fist, force yourself to give up alcohol, stay by all means and not to dream about one single drink. Unless such tactics can be called effective, pleasant and brings relief? Except in such agony the alcoholic will feel free from addiction and healthy? On the contrary, he will feel himself the most unfortunate man who was separated from a dear friend. It is not surprising that after such abuse of the people fall back into the pit.

Tricks of the alcohol trap

The question arises, if not by willpower, then how to give up this addictive drug. The trick is that alcohol dependence is enshrined in human consciousness, not his physical body. It is therefore easy to understand how you have been brainwashed about the benefits of alcohol. In fact there and you will understand how futile to pour a destructive poison. Alcohol tastes disgusting, but people tend to ignore it. Drink it to quench your thirst, but alcohol causes dehydration and the desire to drink again. Alcohol is taken for a means of relaxation, but do you feel rested after a stay in total confusion?

Alcohol is called the helper in the communication, but did you happen to admire alcoholic and skills of other people, when you watched them? Drink alcohol in stressful situations, but disappeared after this at least one source of stress? On the contrary, everyone has to see in an even darker light. And all because of the poisoned body is weakened and sick. Do you know how to enjoy life when sick? Or the disease itself generates more problems? This list of misconceptions to fill a few more. The main conclusion: alcohol has no real benefits. If you realize for yourself, the desire to drink will be gone, no matter what experience you have.
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