The appearance of the alcoholic: the characteristics

On the exterior is reflected even household drinking, which experts attribute to prodromal the period before the actual alcoholism. An often drinking man appear circles under the eyes become noticeable burst small blood vessels in the whites of the eyes, giving them a reddish color. Vasodilation leads to redness of the face.

Later, the systematic use of alcohol causes more significant changes, such as the pasty (swelling, pallor) of the face, wrinkling skin, circles under the eyes are replaced by bluish bags, the skin swells and darkens. The whites of the eyes become cloudy, fade hair, typical premature hair loss or early graying. Wrinkles deepen considerably, the characteristic pronounced nasolabial folds.

With the progression of alcoholism the face of the patients acquires the typical features of – experts call this phenomenon "the face of an alcoholic". Increases tissue edema, develops in the nerves of the facial muscles (neuropathy), causing the line of the mouth fade out, lower lip droops, facial expressions will become. The face becomes mask-like appearance due to swelling and muscle weakness. Burst capillaries give the face and especially the nose tinged with red, later changing yellowish earthy due to alcoholic liver disease.

Due to the destruction and subsequent loss of teeth the lower part of the face of an alcoholic has a characteristic appearance – mouth bursts, the cheeks are sunken. The sight becomes cloudy, becomes meaningless. Violation of the sebaceous glands leads to acne.

Voice, gait, speech

Lack of coordination makes walking a shaky alcoholic, even in a relatively sober state is moving he slowly drug his feet. The execution of fine movements difficult, including due to hand tremor – constant shaking of hands.

The voice of an alcoholic because of the defeat of the vocal cords becomes hoarse, the patient bad adjusts the volume of speech, intonation obitnytsya. Characteristic also unclear speech, its emotionalism in a state of intoxication and diminished – at withdrawal, while with the strengthening of intoxication emotional speech is also reduced.

The disintegration of personality alcoholic causes carelessness, neglect of basic hygiene. The breath acquires a characteristic alcoholic smell, compounded because of disorders of the digestive tract. Lack of coordination and reduced sensitivity of the skin lead to constant small injuries – a patient's body may be covered with cuts, abrasions, bruises that are slow to heal and frequently become inflamed due to poor hygiene and low immunity.