Quality alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is because of the content in alcohol of impurities that can poison the liver and the human brain. Because ethanol is also a poison, of course, use only it in large quantities leads to the same result. In homemade beverages can contain fusel oil, tannins, and isoamyl alcohol. So before to use them, worth several times to think. The hangover from them is the strongest.

Hangover, and high quality drinks

Opens a rating of the hangover drinks is a noble brandy. It would seem, made all the rules and regulations, it shall not contain harmful impurities. But this drink contains substances congeners. They are composed of organic molecules of polyphenol, is dangerous to humans, methanol, and histamine. All these chemicals are formed together with ethanol during fermentation of the beverage, or at the time of his settling, in oak barrels. Evaluation of hangover from this drink is 9 out of 10.
Brandy is made in almost the same technology as the brandy. Therefore, top the list of hangover drinks he shares with him.

Popular whiskey

It's made from alcohol derived from barley or wheat. The same as brandy, a long time advocated in barrels. So the hangover effect from it though and is easier, but still is estimated at 8 out of 10.

The drink of the gods

Red wine is made by distilling the juice of black grapes. Due to the specifics of production, red wine contains two types of alcohol – ethanol and methanol. When broken down by the body of ethanol produces acetaldehyde. The same effect with methanol leads to the formation of formaldehyde. It is more toxic to humans. But ethanol slows down the process of decomposition of methanol and formaldehyde, and in consequence, hangover occurs more easily. Rating red wine – 7 out of 10.


Is the same wine. But in the production process there is yeast, then champagne re-ferments in the bottle. All these processes of harmful substances becomes smaller, but there are carbon dioxide bubbles that give the alcohol easier to be absorbed in the blood. This may come pretty strong hangover, experts have estimated 6 out of 10 points.

Everybody's favorite beer

In real beer contains the least amount of harmful substances. So his score of 4 out of 10 points.
Beer also contains carbon dioxide, but the percentage of alcohol content in it does not exceed 5%. So if you do not drink beer by the bucket is not a hangover.

Hangover after vodka

This drink does not contain congeners, as well as, if vodka is really pure, it does not contain methyl alcohol. That is, if you eat it in moderation, the hangover will be almost imperceptible. Evaluation beverage 3 out of 10