Advice 1: Why do alcoholics always swollen face

How to identify an alcoholic in the face – the question is simple. It will respond to even a child: the blue nose and puffy red face. But to give a clear explanation for this change in appearance is much more complicated.
Why do alcoholics always swollen face

C2H5OH in the human body

Unfortunately, a small number of people knows and thinks about what invisible processes occur in humans who abuse alcohol.

The face of an alcoholic can be compared to a field of fighting. And we are not talking about the numerous fights on the street, and on the struggle of the human organism and toxin C2H5OH. When alcohol is in the body - the pulse quickens, the blood vessels, the pressure increases. The main blood flow is directed not only towards the extremities, but also on the person.

Therefore, it appears that the blush is a distinctive feature of the drinker. If the person is abusing fire water, the vessels can not withstand the load and is their damage.

Why swollen face in alcoholics?

In order to understand why alcoholics have swollen face, you need to consider another mechanism of action of ethanol on the human body. For getting rid of harmful toxins the body has to spend an increased amount of water, which is not just involved in chemical reactions of decomposition of alcohol, but also washes out the resulting toxins and dead skin cells nerve endings, blood vessels and brain.

Since the water-electrolytic balance in the body is a fragile thing and even the loss of 5% of water from normal stock comes very severe dehydration, so it begins to compensate. People at this time was very thirsty and begins to drink more water, but the process of doubling the amount of water flows too slowly, and during this time man has "parched", which does not stop for a minute.

In the result of water in the body at some point becomes very much, and he, full of sad experience, it stores more and more.

To combat swelling of the human face after taking alcohol would be worthless if you don't address the root cause – alcohol consumption in regular mode.

The face of a woman alcoholic

On the face of a woman alcoholic you need to pay special attention because the metabolism in the female body differs greatly from men's. The fact that women have a supply of water is much less and, therefore, dehydration occurs much faster and enhanced form. The next morning the face of a beautiful woman will not be as nice as before.

To combat swelling of the human face after taking alcohol would be worthless if you don't address the root cause – alcohol consumption in regular mode.

The absolute rejection of alcoholic beverages, proper sleep and good nutrition, replenish lost amino acids and nutrients are key aspects of drug withdrawal syndrome, a feature of which is swollen face.

Advice 2: How to cure the alcoholic

Our country, alas, is famous for the alcoholism of many of its citizens. People drink and drink too much, bringing grief to their families. Alcoholism is not a habit but rather a serious disease. So deal with it overnight will not work. How to beat alcoholism? This should be done comprehensively and in stages.
How to cure the alcoholic
The first thing to do if you decided to save from alcoholism of a loved one, it take him out of the binge. Independently to achieve this is unlikely to happen. Need to call a qualified doctor-psychiatrist. He will hold the interruption of the binge, using modern medicines. After all, it is necessary not just to relieve the discomfort from a hangover, but also cleanse the body.
First being drunk a person will administered intravenously through a drip complex drug that relieves withdrawal symptoms, producing cleansing and detoxification with vitamins and restorative substances. Then the doctor will prescribe medication that will complete the procedure. Take them will have the next few days.
How to cure the alcoholic
After the body of the alcoholic is cleaned, we produce the encoding or resort to other similar procedure (so-called lining). As a result of encoding to the man for some time instilled aversion to alcohol. Done encoding. First, the doctor explains to the patient the drug. Then the preparation with the helpof injections is injected into the body of the patient. The drug is distributed throughout the body and not excreted out for some time (usually a year). If a person takes alcohol, the drug comes with him in the interaction and a chemical reaction takes place. The patient becomes ill, his body gets the toxins.
How to cure the alcoholic
The main step in the treatment of alcoholism is psychological. The patient should not only form the setting for treatment, but to motivate him to a normal life - without alcohol. There are rare cases where the alcoholic is able to do it yourself. But most often need professional help. Choose the right rehabilitation center. Psychotherapists work individually with your loved one, will help him to understand why he drinks. Tell me how to find in life other values. Many of the sick helps the Church, the faith, the various companies of the type AA or special communities.
How to cure the alcoholic
Without the consent of the patient alcoholism of the person and his steady desire to fight the disease useless.
Useful advice
In the lungs, advanced cases can be achieved aversion to alcohol with the help of the infusion of bedbugs. Take 5-6 green forest bugs and let them infuse in a glass of vodka. When a person does drink, he will feel disgust for alcohol.
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