The most safe for the liver alcohol doctors call natural grape wine with a refreshing taste and unique aroma. The grape juice ferments without a trace – if it leave the skin and bones, it turns out red wine, which is usually made from varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot, Noir or Saperavi. It is considered the most useful because all the valuable substances of the grape is contained in its skin, going from her wine.
As a result of moderate consumption of wine, the human body receives plenty of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. However, the most valuable are the antioxidants that improve cardiovascular system and rejuvenates the body. From the extract of natural red wines made injections and cosmetics, and the French fondness for this drink, much less likely to suffer from heart attacks and heart failure, as well as keep fit, energetic and loving.
Traditionally, wine is served as aperitif snacks – shrimp, not too sharp cheese, nuts, seafood, chicken, or Turkey brisket. Also red dry wine is perfect with juicy meat and spicy vegetables (peppers or eggplant). Because in an urban environment grape wine to cook is very difficult, many people buy drinks at supermarkets, which often sell powdered wine, produced from grape must and wine diluted vodka with added flavours.
To avoid buying fakes, you should carefully choose the wine. On the label of the drink should be written "natural wine" - otherwise, the production is completely falsified. Natural grape wine don't cook with concentration. Also on the label or packaging, must be specified vintage – powder wines are not vintage or aged. In addition, now the wine can be identified by the smell and taste is too pronounced flavour usually inherent in the counterfeit, while poor taste with no aftertaste after tasting betrays a drink made from a powder.