The transition from person to drink an alcoholic has no clear boundaries and not all heavy drinkers become dependent on it. One possible throughout life to maintain health and common sense, while others just 1-2 years of regular drinking of strong drinks to lose job, family, friends and yourself.
Signs of alcohol abuse develop gradually and the first of them appears, of course, the characteristic smell of alcohol. It does not attract special attention until, until it becomes permanent.
Unbeknownst to the alcoholic changes in behaviour and attitude to everything. Develops a number of qualities, which can determine his propensity to abuse alcohol.
The urgent request of the inner circle to think again cause the alcoholic uproar. In the result of misunderstandings and frequent conflicts, he goes on a binge, because any problem becomes solvable only through the glass. And in fact, he "drowns" in it its inability to decide or to change.
For the colleagues drink, the employee quickly becomes conspicuous in the conflict, intransigence, inappropriate behavior, mood swings and rash actions. Over time, there may be untidiness in dress and the apparent lack of personal hygiene.
Within a few years of regular drinking appears inevitable alcohol addiction, and the person becomes lost to society. A series of binges and alcohol withdrawal syndromes do not leave him any possibility normally to work. With the loss of work is changing and the circle. Replaced former colleagues and friends come new friends with the same alcohol.
As a result of frequent consumption of strong spirits appears one of the external signs of alcoholism – swelling of the face, with marked puffiness on the upper cheekbone. In addition, the skin has an unhealthy gray or reddish-bluish tint. These shortcomings are fixed quite firmly, and to return afterwards to its former beauty and youth is possible.
Alcohol dependence can develop over many years. During this period there is a change of personality and loss of health. The problems begin with the cardiovascular system, liver, pancreas and other organs. Unfortunately, a large part of the pathological process has already become irreversible, which significantly shortens the life of the alcoholic.