Advice 1: What if the wine is frozen

If you happen to forget a bottle of wine in the freezer or in the trunk standing on the street car, and a noble drink froze – all is not lost. Freezing wine is not always irreversibly lose their flavour. It is possible, it can still be saved.
What if the wine is frozen
Gently thaw the wine at room temperature. Do not try to put the bottle in hot water from the temperature difference it can burst. Do not shake and do not invert the bottle until the wine is not thawed until the end, then carefully open. If the wine is not fully frozen and it has floating pieces of ice – not remove them, let them completely melt and dissolve. Filtered ice wine will be more robust, because it contains water partially freeze and the alcohol will remain; in addition, its bouquet will be destroyed.
On the bottom of the bottle after thawing, you may receive a precipitate is formed crystals of cream of Tartar. Do not stir it and carefully pour out and filter the drink, instead of waiting until the precipitate has dissolved (it will happen, if continued warming). If you still have shaken up the bottle, she will have a day or two to settle. The filtered wine is less acidic and slightly brighten. Teams are cooling the wine for its cleansing and clarification, but at home you should not attempt to do it.
How to change the taste of the wine after it is frozen depends on its type. Red will inevitably lose all its dignity, its taste is noticeably worse. But white wine freezing often has a beneficial effect – it becomes softer, more harmonious, sweeter flavor intensifies and it seems gentler . Of course, this is true if you purchased the real stuff – if you get fake product, changes that occur after freezing, impossible to predict.
When freezing wine is strongly growing and may burst the bottle or push out the cork and leak. So try not to leave it in the cold for a long time, and if you need to chill a bottle of wine before serving to the table, better place it in a bowl of cold water or ice for an hour and a half.

Advice 2: How to make wine

Wine is, first and foremost, art. It is very easy to ruin the original product, and is fragrant, rich color and flavor of the drink, get little to eat. Of course, the greatest preference for grape wine. In order to make it at home, you need to follow certain rules.
How to make wine
First, decide what the grapes will be using:
wine which contains little sugar and is primarily used by winemakers;
- table, it is used as drink and food;
- sweet, with high sugar content. Can mix several varieties.
Prepare the containers and the premises. The place should be dry and kept clean, the perfect utensils for storage are considered as oak barrels and glass bottles. For initial storage suitable aluminum bucket.
Perennite grapes. You can do this with your hands or use a special press.
Fold peremety the grapes in a large container, if desired, can add a little sugar. In any case, do not cover completely, and only cover. Avoid bright light during fermentation. Desirable total darkness. The room temperature should be between 23-25 degrees Celsius. Otherwise you risk to spoil the product.
Wait about a week. During this time, the fermentation process should end. Appears odor.
Prepare the container for subsequent storage of the beverage. Also prepare the hoses for the overflow and rubber gloves. Pour the liquid in the prepared capacity. It is advisable to filter the beverage, at least partially. But it's okay if a little of the dregs get into the bottle.
Limit the access of oxygen into the bottle, and at the same time, allow the liquid to release excess gases. This can be done with rubber gloves. Put her on the bottle and puncture needle in two or three places. Once the glove is completely "blown away", know that all gases are released.
Pour the wine into another container. Try to avoid turbidity. Wait sediment. The drink will be slow to clear. Once the wine is fully clarified, the color will become transparent, without impurities, for the last time pour it into the bottle or barrel.
Using such simple manipulations you can get a pleasant tasting wine. If you are a fan of sparkling wine, during fermentation, tightly close the bottle.
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