Gently thaw the wine at room temperature. Do not try to put the bottle in hot water from the temperature difference it can burst. Do not shake and do not invert the bottle until the wine is not thawed until the end, then carefully open. If the wine is not fully frozen and it has floating pieces of ice – not remove them, let them completely melt and dissolve. Filtered ice wine will be more robust, because it contains water partially freeze and the alcohol will remain; in addition, its bouquet will be destroyed.
On the bottom of the bottle after thawing, you may receive a precipitate is formed crystals of cream of Tartar. Do not stir it and carefully pour out and filter the drink, instead of waiting until the precipitate has dissolved (it will happen, if continued warming). If you still have shaken up the bottle, she will have a day or two to settle. The filtered wine is less acidic and slightly brighten. Teams are cooling the wine for its cleansing and clarification, but at home you should not attempt to do it.
How to change the taste of the wine after it is frozen depends on its type. Red will inevitably lose all its dignity, its taste is noticeably worse. But white wine freezing often has a beneficial effect – it becomes softer, more harmonious, sweeter flavor intensifies and it seems gentler . Of course, this is true if you purchased the real stuff – if you get fake product, changes that occur after freezing, impossible to predict.
When freezing wine is strongly growing and may burst the bottle or push out the cork and leak. So try not to leave it in the cold for a long time, and if you need to chill a bottle of wine before serving to the table, better place it in a bowl of cold water or ice for an hour and a half.