You will need
  • - the passport.
If you are making legally significant actions with the person acting by proxy, then verify its authenticity. The attorney can not be written by hand or printed using a printing device, even if it will be signed and details of several witnesses. Refuse to deal with this type of document, or locate the owner of the property and make a deal with him directly. So you can avoid many problems later, for example, the recognition of the transaction illegal in the manner prescribed by law.
To ensure the authenticity of a power of attorney, contact the notary office that issued the document. By telephone, such data can not provide. You will be able to obtain confirmation of a notary public only by personal application to him after payment for the service, as any notary works on a commercial basis and to provide any information, and especially to issue any documents, he can't.
Additionally find out whether the term of powers of attorney, and not withdrawn, if she by the principal. General power of attorney is valid for three years and allows you to make during the period any transactions and actions of the principal, to dispose of its funds, to sign and accept any decisions. One-time and special power of attorney remain in effect for the period required to make one special order and at the expiration of this period is not valid. So, if these types of attorney will be committed to the transaction, they also will not be valid.
In addition to the notary who issued the power of attorney, nobody will be able to say with certainty that at the time of the transaction the document is valid. So as to verify the authenticity of the power of attorney is no more.