Check for the authenticity of the form of a diploma. Since 1996, the diplomas of higher educational institutions have numerous typographical degree of protection. On the inner left side of the form of genuine diploma needs to be seen with the words "Russia" and "Diploma". Also, when Photocopying of the second instance appears the word "Copy". On the right side of the form, where is the main text, you should see the sign "Russia", and also a special very small font which is recorded the full name of the Ministry of education or the Federal Agency for education.
The diploma itself typically is a folder in A5 format with a separate leaflet with list of subjects and marks. However, a diploma without the "brown" should not necessarily be considered a fake. For example, in the early nineties due to lack of funds and materials in some universities the diploma was issued on a plain paper without letterhead of the cardboard cover.
Verify that you have correctly filled the form. It typographically or by hand should be written the name of the graduate and his specialty. Must also attend a University seal and signature of the rector.
If the external diploma requirements find out if it is registered in the database of the University. Have each form have a unique number which must be in the University database. However, the University is not obliged to provide information upon request of private organizations. The employer can resolve the issue by sending a request on behalf of the applicant position with his personal signature. In this case, the University will be able to provide help, as will not be impaired by the legislation on personal data.