Since the end of 2008, the Ministry of education and science of Russia provides an electronic database. With the help of the Internet, any employer or employee of a recruitment Agency will be able to check the diploma of higher education candidates for the position. This project was created due to frequent requests to verify the diploma for authenticity.

However, officially this base is not yet formed, the exact timing of the start of its work has not yet been determined, but it should earn in 2011.

How to check the diploma for authenticity?

Even despite the lack of a single electronic database of diplomas of higher education, there is a possibility of validation of diplomas.

The easiest way to test the diploma is to send a request to a higher educational institution, which this document is issued and check the number of the diploma, a specialty, as well as data on the graduate. It is desirable to send a request on official letterhead specifying the reason for request and signature of the owner of the diploma that the University had no reason to refuse to answer the query.

The following two methods are not official but have a very great popularity in our country, in which relationships and Dating talks a lot.

You can check the diploma through a friend in the police. The principle is the same – a request to the UNIVERSITY, however, on requests from employees of justice of failures is much less than the demands of ordinary entrepreneurs.

The following method is suitable inspectors, who are well versed in the Internet and have register with social networks such as or Vkontakte.<url>. These networks have a very large database of Universities around the world, so knowing the name of the University, the profession, specified in the suspicious document and the expected years of study of a graduate, you can find classmates or classmates of the applicant and to verify his honesty.