You will need
  • help; the phone number of the person who issued the certificate
Rate the information contained in the certificate. It must contain:- the full official name of the issuing organization. If the document is prepared by an individual entrepreneur, must be mentioned his surname, first name and patronymic, as well as individual taxpayer identification number (tin);- details: date of issue and registration number;- the name of the addressee that is supposed to help, or for the purpose of issuance of certificate;- indication of the city that issued the certificate;- signature of the head of the organization or individual entrepreneur;- the seal of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur.
Please note on registration certificate: an official document must be completed accurately, correctly, without corrections. For organizations characterized by making reference on the letterhead.
Alerted if the certificate is missing required information listed in paragraph 1;- information compiled with errors, corrections, contains words and expressions that are not characteristic of the business style letter;- the name of the organization that issued the certificatepresented by the acronym without explanation;- the name and patronymic of the individual entrepreneur who issued the certificate, represented by initials, it was not specified in the text of the certificate issued by the organization and not on letterhead, no address of the organization;- a certificate from the organization, which, as you know, usually prepares the documents on letterhead, printed on a simple sheet;- certificate issued by the organization, signed not by the head of the organization, and by any other person;- the signature on the certificate looks like a stamp;- name of organization (individual entrepreneur) on the seal does not coincide with the name of the organization (individual entrepreneur) which (who) issued the certificate;- the print is faint or blurred, which makes it impossible to disassemble the text that it contains.
If you find these disadvantages, figure out which bearer certificates telephone number of the organization or individual entrepreneur who issued the certificate. You can also get a phone number yourself, contact the help Desk or using the Internet. Contact the person whose name is signed certificate and ask to confirm whether the document was issued to the bearer, and what information it contained.