You will need
  • - the device to check the money or other infrared detector;
  • microscope or magnifying glass.
Take a diploma and "enlighten" it with ultraviolet light, it may be the device for check of money, or other infrared detector. In the center the inscription "Diploma" should display the emblem of the Russian Federation, and with all the details, the background will remain dark.
Look at the diploma through the light to see the watermark "RF". Signs should be visible only in this way, if the same symbols "RF" you see on the UV image, then it is a fake. Remember, the ultraviolet image of the watermark is not visible.
One of the following characteristics of the original diplomaand College green branches ("tails"), visible under ultraviolet radiation.
Carefully inspect the diploma in a microscope or magnifying glass. You will see very fine curved lines, covering 80% of the surface of the document. These lines are always a different color, they are constantly changing colors and direction, so they are almost impossible to reproduce on a copying technology (the line is either the same color or intermittent, consisting of many points).
Copy diploma on conventional copiers. For copies of this diplomaand must appear, the words "Copy copy copy". It's not the most reliable protection, paint that reacts to temperature change (that it produces this effect) are quite affordable not only to the producers of these documents, but also to fraudsters.
Look at the number diplomaand specified directly under "Diploma". The first two digits is the code for the Russian Federation or a subject of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the adopted numbering, for example, 01 – Adygeya, 02 – Bashkortostan, 03 – Buryatia, etc. the Next letter is the series, are as follows: BO – basic with honours, BA – base level, increased level of contrast, PA increased the level, SA academic transcript. The remaining digits is the ordinal number of the diplomaand obtained at registration in the Unified State Register.
With a microscope or magnifying glass try to see the microlettering. Through the entire blank is the inscription height 0.5 mm", the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation". This protection is easily counterfeited with printing equipment.