Carefully inspect the provided hospital. From 1 July 2011 form of a hospital must be established by the Ministry of health of the new sample (sheet A5 size blue color with multi-degree of protection, including a barcode with a combination of twelve numbers, watermarks, colour shading and yellowish fields to fill in). With all this counts disability in a hospital sheet filled in on the computer or printed in capital letters in black color is requirements for registration of sick leave in accordance with the rules of registration approved by the Ministry of health. The old form invalid.
Note the fields filled in the form of sick leave. Now there's got to be INN of the patient, number of medical card pension insurance, as well as the form should contain fields to be filled in by the employer. If the specified rows in the form is not available or not filled – this hospital is considered invalid.
Check signature and seal. All sick leave must be issued only by authorized persons (doctor, medical organization). Seals should be three.
Send a written request on company letterhead to the clinic, which was issued by the hospital sheet. The request should ask for a chief physician to confirm the authenticity of the issuance of such number of hospital sheet, such number (reference number), such a citizen (name). Remember, all sick leave is entered into the database of the institution that issued them and, accordingly, if a hospital was issued the illegal ("underground"), it will not be made on such a basis. In addition to a medical facility to appear in person – this will considerably save your time and response you will receive.
Write an application to the district, city or regional (depending on situation) social insurance Fund with a request to establish the fact of the issuance of sick leave and its legitimacy.
Wait for a response and in case of detection of violation of contact the Prosecutor's office.