Patients with psoriasis people are encouraged to take care of your skin and maintaining it continuously in a moist condition. Softening it cream care should be taken to remove waste from your skin peel and strictly adhere to the schedule prescribed procedures. In order not to let the disease develop, try to minimize mechanical damage to the skin, be careful. Don't forget the scalp if changes there are caused by psoriasis, then you need to treat her, not the hair. Constantly trim the nails short in order to avoid manifestations of psoriasis and this body part. In warm months, avoid prolonged sunbathing, do not tumble dry the skin, otherwise there is a risk of cancer. Treatment of psoriasis is accompanied by a special diet, which excludes animal proteins and carbohydrates. Progressive stage of psoriasis taking antihistamine (Allergy medication) and hiposensibilic drugs, and vitamins and sedatives. Help the skin have the ointment: cream Uns, salicylic ointment 2%, "Ftorokort", "Flutsinar", and the like. On severe stages of the disease patients are administered the corticosteroid hormones inside as well as some immunosuppressants. Popular lately become photochemotherapy, plasmapheresis and gemosorbece. The prevention of manifestations of psoriasis is the constant monitoring by the doctor and health in the winter and early spring.