Causes of psoriasis

Psoriasis for a long time the disease belongs to the category of chronic, ie, if it appeared, for life is not going anywhere and only changes the shape of the flow from the more light and even unnoticeable to severe with exacerbations. To identify the cause of psoriasis, no one can: some doctors say it is nerves, the other from malnutrition, and others indicate the presence of parasites in the body.

Psoriasis affects the skin of the person, including with the scalp. In some people it manifests itself in the form of small plaques, while others covered large areas of the body. In fact, and in another case it can't run, and you need to consult with specialists.

How to deal with psoriasis

Because of the ambiguity of the appearance of psoriasis difficult treatment. First and foremost, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a qualified specialist can supply a diagnosis, as well as conduct a series of examinations the body. If the result of all tests revealed some abnormalities in the internal organs: liver, heart, hormonal failure, etc., should be treated.

With psoriasis have to fight internally - drugs appoint a doctor, because self-medication can worsen the situation, and externally - by applying on affected areas of body of different ointments and creams.

Ointments used in the treatment of psoriasis, most are hormonal. Ie composed of some active substance in the form of the hormone. Results after applying fast enough, some people at the time of treatment are quite plaque. It should be understood that the use of such ointments is not long, they are addictive, and in the future will require a higher concentration of this hormone. In addition, they change the overall hormonal balance of the body can affect other organs.

What cream is most effective is hard to say, because it depends on the individual. Someone can help one, someone else entirely. In any case, before the appointment of treatment is necessary to hand over hormones to the doctor by results of analyses have appointed the most suitable means.

Ointments differ from each other in composition. They include active substances: triamcinolone (ointment "Berlicort", "Kenalog", "Proderm", "Ftorokort", etc.); mometasone: (Aweart", "Momederm", "Silcare", "Skinlist", etc.); hydrocortisone ("Hixson", "Daktacort", "Cortef", "Oksikort", "Futsidin", etc.); clobetasol (Dermovate", "Kloveyt", "Powercart", "Skin-cap"); betamethasone (Akriderm", "Beloderm", "Betasalik", "Betsuin", "Betnovate", "Diprogent", "Diprospan", "Flosteron", "Celestoderm" "Celeston, etc.).

There are also non-hormonal ointments, which, although does not have the same rapid healing effect, but do not have the number of adverse reactions. These include indifferent ointment: Ointment zinc", "zinc Ointment-sulfur", etc.; ointments containing tar: "Andramonova ointment", "Antipsoric", etc.; funds from oil: "Naftalan Ointment", "Neesan", "Listerin", etc.

In the treatment of psoriasis it is possible to use homeopathic remedies, containing in its composition of natural plant components: an ointment of the series, "Pentosan-B", "Psoriatic", etc.

Psoriasis should go on a proper diet, lead a healthy lifestyle and to avoid stress. After all the health problems lie within the person. Otherwise, no creams and ointments will not help to cope with this disease. You should not self-medicate, all medications, particularly those containing hormones and improper, may cause serious damage to all body.