Treatment of psoriasis with traditional methods favoured by dermatologists as medical disease can only be contained, but not cured. But herbal medicine is not harmless thing. Therefore, before using herbs definitely need to consult with a specialist and adhere strictly to their assigned dosage.

Nutrition and herbs

Skin – as a litmus test, it instantly notifies irregularities inside the body. So, taking herbs from psoriasis, you must also follow a strict diet.

In this disease contraindicated tomatoes, eggplant, chocolate, alcohol, potatoes, fatty meat and fish and also milk, cream, yogurt. It is useful to eat raw fresh vegetables and to follow the principle of separation of power.

To grass from psoriasis gave the best result, they must be properly collect and dry. How to do prompt the lunar calendar and the book of herbalist. In addition, plants used in the treatment must be one year of collection.

Effective recipe for internal use

As a herbal medicine for psoriasis proved to be very effective, gathered a lot of recipes based on herbs.

For example, very often when illness is used sassaparil. The roots of the plants (10 g) pour room temperature water (0.5 l) and leave overnight. In the morning boil infusion during the quarter of an hour and decanting. Half of hot broth to drink, the other half to drink during the day SIPS. The course of treatment is 1 month.

Also psoriasis used the flowers of black elderberries, which are in the amount of 4 teaspoons pour a liter of boiling water and infused for 2 hours. Drink the infusion three times a day after meals of 100 ml.

Ten teaspoons of dried BlackBerry leaves pour 800 ml boiling water, to insist 4 hours. Drink a half hour before meals 4 times a day. Repeat the procedure throughout the month.

Also inside are encouraged to take part in a series of, St. John's wort, calamus root, taken in 3 parts, mixed with black elder flowers, elecampane root, corn silk, cranberry leaf and horsetail herb (2 parts) and supplemented with grass celandine (1 part). To 1 liter of boiling water needed 4 tbsp. Cook for 10 minutes, cooling for half an hour. Take an hour after food twice a day.

Therapeutic baths

To treatment of psoriasis with traditional methods was comprehensive, it is necessary to combine herbal teas and herbal baths. The above plants can be brewed and added to water when bathing. It is also worth to try the following emulsion.

550 ml of water add 30 grams of soap chips, and boil in an enamel pot to dissolve soap. Then remove from heat and pour in 500 ml of pine oil. The emulsion was stored in a glass jar with a nylon cover.

Each evening take a bath temperature 39оС, adding to the water emulsion. For the first session only requires 1 tablespoon of the emulsion. The procedure time is 20 minutes. Each time you add 1 teaspoon of the emulsion until the dose reaches 6 tbsp the Course of treatment is 20 procedures.