You will need
  • - various sorbents domestic effects ("Enterosgel", "Smectite", "POLYSORB");
  • - preparations consisting of bacteria of the microflora ("Linex", "Bifidum", "Bificol" or "Normoflorin");
  • - antihistamines ("XTAL", "Castin", "Tavegil");
  • - sea salt or medicinal herbal teas;
  • - anti-anxiety and sedative drugs (tincture of Valerian, tincture peony, tincture of motherwort).
The first step will be the organization of proper nutrition. You need to completely revise your diet. In the first three days of aggravation try to eat light and simple foods — bread, cooked unsalted meat and fish in boiled water.
Enjoy a full cleansing of your body. This will help you a variety of sorbents to the internal effects. With this purpose it may use "Enterosgel", "Smectite", "POLYSORB". Choose a drug and consume no less than four times per day for ten days. After three days of medication and diet do colon cleanse. Can take a laxative or an enema.
Remove the load from the intestine and liver. It is necessary to regularly take drugs, which include bacteria of the microflora, for example, "Linex", "Bifidum", "Bificol" or "Normoflorin". Your body will also need and vitamins such as lipoic and folic acid. These vitamins are easy to get at any pharmacy. To be taken three times a day one tablet.
In parallel and also take care of restoring the level of immune activity of the organism. With this aim, take antihistamines, for example, "XTAL", "Castin", "Tavegil". These drugs will relieve swelling and reduce allergic reactions. That will help also sodium thiosulfate, which should be administered into the body intravenously at 10 ml per day. Remember to dilute the substance as needed and enter into the vein very slowly, as otherwise you can damage the vascular walls.
Try to take the various baths as often as possible. Perfect bath with sea salt, and various herbal teas.
Also needed regular intake of sedatives and sedatives. Regularly take tincture of Valerian. If nothing helps, try to drink tincture of a peony, or motherwort.

And remember — in order to remove the aggravation in psoriasis, you will need to follow the recommendations.