Developing and treated psoriasis

Most often the impetus for the development of psoriasis is emotional stress, constant stress. It is not surprising that the problem is so urgent. As treatment, in addition to medicines and special diets, quite often doctors prescribe colorterapia with thermal springs.

The popular health resort is Hungary, and it Cherkasskie thermal water. They were opened in 1824. Generally there are enough resorts for people suffering from psoriasis. In Russia, Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi are a great sanatoriums for treatment, and there are the sanatorium "Elton" and "assy".

In Slovenia quite famous resort portorož, which is located on the banks of the Piran Bay. Bulgaria is famous resort of Pomorie, which is located on the shore of the Black sea. And here in Croatia in a small town of Ivanic Grad is the Naftalan resort. All these places are famous for the fact that it was there that people were able to cure psoriasis or at least alleviate their condition.

Italian resort Abano Terme – Terme Montegrotto, the location of which is the Venetian lowland, has at its disposal mineral water remaining after volcanic activity.

As the thermal springs act on the psoriasis

For many years, proved the effectiveness of treatment of psoriasis with thermal water. Now no one can doubt that this treatment really helps. However, there are some nuances. First, the treatment must be under the supervision of a specialist. Second, colorterapia is always performed in conjunction with conservative therapy.

The treatment program is made after examining the patient and determining the stage of the disease. Bathing is assigned 2 times a day, and use phototherapy. Skin when taking a bath it absorbs a therapeutic agent. After water treatments used phototherapy, which promotes the efficiency of the penetration of drugs into the skin layers and at their best impact. At the end apply a special cream anthralin.

All creams, gels are made based on medicinal waters and issued to each patient. Ideally, always needs to be an individual approach to each patient with psoriasis, be assigned to each individual treatment program. All this is determined at the first meeting of the patient with a specialist. It should also be noted that psoriasis treatment in the resorts with thermal springs does not cause any side effects.