To have a flat and toned belly woman wants at any age. Trying to lose weight not lead to the desired result, as fat deposits on the belly and waist appear first, but "go" past. The problem can be solved with a simple and interesting shell, whose name Hoop.

The principle of operation Hoop

The wrap has a simple design, and its use does not require a woman special training. The shell is easily transported, is cheap, but it has a high efficiency. Its use is an active sport workout, which destroyed the calories, strengthens muscles, improves functionality of internal organs.

Coaches in response to the question how to hula-Hoop, are equally responsible – as a child. The only difference is that earlier it was a toy, and now is a powerful shell for sports. Twist it in front of the TV, listening to music or an audiobook, taking telephone calls. Within one second a few spins of the body within 30 minutes – thousands of movements, which lead to weight loss. In addition, the modelling and shaping of the waist, strengthen muscles, stabiliziruemost and improves metabolic processes in the body.

Tips for beginners

Women have proved that to remove the belly wrap really, and in a short time. But for those who are just starting to learn the sports equipment, we recommend a few tips:

1. No need to buy heavy or heavier Hoop. The load must be distributed evenly, as you develop muscles, therefore when starting out it is better to do a simple lightweight Hoop.
2. The duration of the first classes should not exceed more than 5 minutes. Should gradually increase to 30 minutes.
3. After practice the waist may appear bruising and swelling, do not be afraid, but to avoid this you can use a wide belt or wear a sweater.
4. Twist the Hoop to secure the result needed on a regular basis.

The advantages of using wrap

The girls still causes dispute the action of the Hoop, removes if the belly wrap really is? It is estimated that the wrap burns up to 15 calories per minute of intense training. Remove the sides and belly will help regular classes, but their duration should not exceed more than 30 minutes. The more revs will make the woman, the more graceful is her waist. An excellent way to maintain the form, use the Hoop in combination with other physical exercises.