Perform exercises that strengthen the muscles of the stomach. Repeat every twenty or thirty times, making two or three approaches. The load increase gradually, as you adapt to it.Lying on your back, cross your legs and lift them up. Not helping himself with his hands, pull them even higher, lifting your buttocks off the floor. The stomach should be drawn, muscles tense. Exercise is quite complicated, but very effective if you want to remove the stomach.Lying on your back, put your hands behind your head, bend your knees and tear off socks from a floor. On the exhale, squeeze the muscles of the abdomenand lift the upper part of the body, on the inhale return to starting position.
Lying on your back, bend your knees, keep them parallel to the floor, hands behind your head. Reach right elbow to left knee, then Vice versa. Such twisting is made to remove the stomach, form a beautiful pronounced press.Lying on back, place hands under buttocks, lift up the straight leg. Do not try to raise them up high, most importantly, do this exercise with intensity.Side-lying with stretched along the body hands, raise both legs and upper body. Exercise removes unwanted fat deposits on the stomach, e, makes the waist thinner.
Kneeling, put your hands behind your head. Hands-sit on the floor, first to the right, return to starting position, then to the left.In a spare minute, contract and relax the muscles of the stomach. Pull your stomach, hold your breath for a few seconds, exhale relax your muscles.
Care for the area of the stomach. Elementary-massage carried out regularly, will give your stomachthe IR in order. Gently and carefully massage the area clockwise sure. Pinch the skin to a slight redness, this will make it more elastic.
While showering or bathing, RUB the area of the stomachand hard sponge or MITT. Use the body scrub – it will make the skin more delicate and well-groomed, but also more receptive to further cosmetic procedures.Massage into the skin of the abdomenand all sorts of strengthening products: gels, creams, lotions. Make wraps, spread a bag of blue clay (can be purchased at any pharmacy) and warm water until creamy state, over the bellyand wrap with cling film. Top additionally cuddle up with a warm blanket, relax at least an hour, take a shower.
Keep an active lifestyle. To remove the stomach will help swimming, if possible, be sure to use it. Walk as much as possible on foot at a fast pace, it saturates the body with oxygen, normalizes metabolism, makes the figure to the ideal.Twist the Hoop. It is best to buy with massage nozzles, a Hoop will help to clean the stomach in the shortest possible time. At first it may be a bit unpleasant and painful, but gradually you will get used to these sensations, and, in addition, will begin to experience more and more pleasure when looking at your postroynevshy bellyIK.