Stick to the diet. Limit, and better to completely abstain from sweets – cakes, pastries, ice cream, candy. Any sweet carbonated beverages, nectars and other beverages with high sugar content. Exclude from the diet of fatty meat and butter. Allowed in limited quantities the consumption of bread (wholemeal), fish, dairy products. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water.
Move. Walk, do sneaky exercises, take breaks at work for a few minutes to warm up. Climb the stairs instead of take the Elevator.
Do the exercises. Train the abdominal muscles. Before exercising warm up the abdominal muscles – massage, roll Hoop. Follow the usual set of exercises, gradually increasing load and number of sets. Standard exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles (sit-UPS, feet), known to us from physical education lessons that are perfectly cope with the task. The main thing – the regularity and persistence. The abdominal muscles are "hard" muscles, so the first results may appear not earlier than in six months. Sports tighten skin that has become flabby, returns it elasticity, will help to remove the sagging belly. Tune in to a positive result.
Complete the gymnastics and water procedures. After class you need to RUB the skin of the abdomen with a special brush, taking a shower. It is good to combine water treatments with the use of anti-cellulite creams and masks, scrubs and gels. A contrast shower is refreshing and makes skin elastic.
Wearing a postpartum band. If you want to get rid of sagging belly after the baby is born, be sure to wear a special brace – it helps to keep muscles toned. To perform the exercises immediately after birth is not desirable, consult with the instructor in aerobics.