Advice 1: How to learn to hula-Hoop

Turn the Hoop right know far not all. To waist was experiencing maximum load, a stronger force to work the back. This often leads to the appearance of the waist and the sides of the smudges and bruises, which are a major interference to the continuation of lessons with the Hoop. Instead of torturing your body, try to relax and start to follow the simple advice of professionals. You just need to stand in front of a mirror and start practicing. Looking at your reflection, you quickly realize and correct mistakes.
Learn how to hula Hoop is not that difficult. All depends on desire
Take this body position so that your legs were close to each other, and the arms were separated at the side or behind the head. Straighten your back. Don't set your feet, even if it's better, otherwise you will not be able to effectively work the core muscles of the waist. The work will start the buttocks with the hips and a full small circle only one waist you will not learn.
Not to hurt your back, don't do shocks during torsion of the Hoop. Movements should be calm and rhythmic. Also do not make movements back and forth. Twist the Hoop should be smooth rotational movements. As well as the thigh, buttocks, Breasts, too, should not be involved. Work exclusively waist.
To do the rotation wrap should only fasting. It would be good in advance to do a couple of breathing exercises. It helps to expel from the stomach of excess air, and also gives the muscles the ability to better evaluate.
Any breathing exercises. For example, you can try this exercise: make a long exhalation "to the diaphragm" as if you want to inflate a huge balloon. Just don't do this specially before the big breath. Further, through the nose take a prolonged breath. In conclusion, sharply exhale from lungs all air. Repeat this exercise should be 3-4 times, making between repeats pauses.

Advice 2 : How to hula-Hoop to lose weight

Hoop, or hula-hoops, can be an excellent assistant in struggle against excess weight and inches around the waist. The effectiveness of its impact in the times increases, if you use this machine in combination with a healthy diet and fitness.
How to hula-Hoop to lose weight
The wrap is most useful for waist, it is not only good massages the internal organs, but it removes the belly fat deposits on the sides and back. Most popular hoops – usual plastic. To achieve significant effect is to give preference to hulahoop weighted – so the process of burning calories with regular exercise will go faster. Moreover, such power hoops you can still be heavier and covered the sand in the empty segments. There are also massage hulahoop with relief ledges and balls. The best option for weight loss in one, the combined Hoop.
The Hoop is very easy to use. For it does not require special physical training. During exercise, improves lymph circulation, this leads to a reduction of body fat. In addition, spinning the Hoop, especially weighted, you burn calories and strengthen the muscles of the body.
Begin to engage with a light wrap. Beginners enough for 5 minutes a day, gradually increase the time of continuous torsion to 30 minutes. And only after the hula Hoop will become a habit, move on to weighting. Do not forget about total body workout, workout for arms and legs.
Classes with hula-hoops should be carried out every day, and not earlier than in 2-3 hours after a meal. Otherwise you run the risk of volvulus.
If you started to be engaged with a massage Hoop, be prepared that after your first practice the waist may form bruises, as on the inside of the massage hula Hoop are raised projections. This is a normal reaction of the body. To avoid bruising, sports wear wide belt or thick sweater.
If you are concerned about the condition of the internal organs of the body, you have health problems or chronic diseases to avoid consequences better pre-workout to consult a therapist. Particularly severe damage can be inflicted on a weighted Hoop.
How to hula-Hoop for weight loss? Obviously, the action wrap is the massage effect that is created during the rotation when it reaches the stomach. They are designed to strengthen the muscles and allow you to lose weight much faster due to the need to work with the extra weight that allows you to get rid of more calories.
Useful advice
How to hula-Hoop on waist and hips. For weight loss it is important to know some basic rules. First, the already located your feet, the harder you will be to keep the balance. This means that the more muscles will be used during the exercises with the Hoop, especially of stabilizing muscles that Live with the correct torsion of the Hoop and very important tips below. In conclusion, consider how to hula-Hoop to lose weight, I note that women should not do it during the critical days.
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