You will need
  • Hoop, systematic approach.
Believe me, now the fun of your childhood can bring not less pleasure.The beauty of torsion of the Hoop lies in the fact that to improve with his help is possible practically in any place where there is enough free area with a radius of 3x3 meters. You can simultaneously do the cooking, to watch an interesting film. The excuse that you have no time to visit the gym, no longer can be used. Efficiency will have even the slightest effort on your part. However, don't overuse this statement, and to deceive ourselves. If you decide to hula-Hoop, do it as efficiently as possible for your time.
A new life.
Buy a Hoop, or helpop - as it is called in zamarski, sporting goods store or order via the Internet. There are several types of hoops. Pick any load you want.Hoops are:
- lightweight plastic and metal
- weighted
- flexible.Collapsible hoops can be easily transported, hollow hoops can be filled with sand to increase the load.
If you have problems with your back and abdomen, or you are one of those lucky moms who have recently given birth or age wise experience of people, or you have some doubts, consult a doctor. Limit activity during the critical days.Untrained people should start with small loads (to use light hoops or long twist weighted), gradually increasing them. Always focus on your health.
Start with 5 minutes a day, over time increase them to 30. You can twist the Hoop in the process of fitness training in between exercises. Most importantly, regular exercise. You need to run daily. Perhaps the first time will have to force myself, but then they will become a habit. Remember, the previous efforts will be wasted if there is no regularity.When you roll a Hoop, tense the muscles in your abdomen and back, so the effectiveness of the exercises will be more.
Massage hoops, they have a greater efficiency. But to use them at first should be treated carefully. There may be pain and bruising, so do not abuse their use. Twist these hoops for long and wear a belt or sweater.
Pay close attention to the diet. Your weight depends on your metabolism. Sport activities (including, using wrap) and proper diet will speed up metabolism.