Modern hula hoops are very different from conventional gymnastic apparatus, which many used in physical education classes. It is a Hoop with massage balls, weighted and not only. Simple design is popular because it allows you to train at any time. In the process of rotation of the Hoop, you can talk on the phone, listening to your favorite music or watch a movie premiere.

To use the wrap for weight loss, you must observe some rules. First we need to know if there are any contraindications for training. It may be disease of the kidneys, liver, ovaries and joints. It is not recommended to twist the Hoop and immediately after childbirth, during pregnancy.

The benefits of weight loss with the Hoop

To use wrap as a tool to fight obesity, requires no special training. If you want to see the effect of the training in the near future, along with the training you need to make adjustments in diet, combining the rotation of the hula-Hoop with another load type.
Throughout the classes with a Hoop to achieve the best result you need to keep the muscles of the back, press in the tension, to relax them when you stop.

During a workout with a Hoop it is possible to lose calories, improve posture and mood, to make the waist thinner. You need to start with an easy warm up, gradually increasing the time swirl the hula-Hoop. For beginners it is recommended to choose the lightweight version of the Hoop, as the addiction can go to a massage or heavy. To reduce weight, you need to rotate the Hoop clockwise to move slowly. And of course we can not forget about regular workouts.

How to lose weight by rotating the Hoop

For a standard exercise with a Hoop (30 min.) losing weight a person can lose up to 200 calories. If complicate the program, the number of lost calories will increase. Effective exercises with a Hoop contribute to the improvement of blood circulation and metabolic processes. In addition, skin becomes more elastic, the modeling of the waist and hips. In addition to the slimming effect, the technique of rotation of the Hoop helps to strengthen the vestibular apparatus, muscles.

Twist hula Hoop for weight loss need every day, not giving yourself any favors. Do not start the activity immediately after eating, optimal time – half an hour before a meal or after a couple of hours after dinner.
Rotate weighted Hoop is not worth more than 20 minutes a day, especially at first, the load may be excessive.

Choosing massage hula Hoop for weight loss, don't forget the first time to wear a thick sweater or robe that body were bruises. Easy to use hula Hoop with calorie counter.