The choice of wrap

The effectiveness of the exercises depends on the choice of wrap. It may be an old iron ring, inherited from my mother or grandmother, or new - bought in a specialty store. The choice of hoops in the sports departments is broad and depends on your preferences in terms of material, shape and price. There are hoops made of plastic, metal and rubber coated. With the massage protrusions, and smooth, with magnets to improve blood circulation and without magnets, collapsible and solid. The price varies from 350 to 2500 RUB.

For the selection of the diameter of the Hoop, stand up straight and allow family members to measure the distance from your hips to the floor. The resulting figure will be the best option.


Exercises with gymnastic Hoop is quite simple, the key is to learn to keep a hula Hoop on the waist. The main burden is on the oblique muscles of the abdomen and the transverse muscle of the back. For efficiency, you should twist the Hoop alternately in one direction and then the other. The Hoop should rotate around your waist with the same speed all the time allotted for the exercise.

To begin, select the free space in the apartment for exercise, put the Hoop on and hold his hands in the waist area. Spread your legs shoulder width apart. The back should be straight. Sharply spin the Hoop to the side and a few seconds start to perform quick rotational movements of the hips to the beat of the Hoop (catching the pace of its rotation). It is not necessary to describe in hips or a wide range of delay - Hoop will fall immediately. To avoid bruising don't need to twist the wrap on the bare torso, wear a light shirt or tight t-shirt.

Some question arises: where to put your hands? The position of the hands when twisting the Hoop it is useful to change: first to breed to the side or pull forward, then clench your palms in the lock on the back of the head (elbows are divorced) and from this position rise up. Such manipulation will save the exercise is from some of the monotony, but at the same time the hands will be in the right tone.

It is recommended gradually (adding a week for 1 to 3 minutes) to increase the exercise Hoop from 3 to 15 minutes. You should train on an empty stomach or after 2-3 hours after a meal. Duration of training shall be not less than three months. The first results are visible already after 1.5 months. With the active application, you can achieve burning more than 15 calories per minute.

In addition to the torsion wrap can be used in squats. Stand with your Hoop stick to the right side, holding his left hand. Gently sit down and step into the space of the Hoop. Straighten up. Do the same with the other side. Alternately pass through the Hoop 10, 15 times. So you engage the muscles of the buttocks and inner thighs.

For the General tone will be a useful exercise "Six steps". Put the Hoop on the floor in front of him. On account of "time" step into the circle with one foot. On "two" pull the other leg. 3 - sit down 4 - take the Hoop and straighten up together with him, 5 - raise the Hoop over the head, 6 - bend, and put the hula Hoop on the floor.