The types of hoops

In Soviet time there were only aluminum and plastic hoops, which were perceived as conventional entertainment. Today, the wrap is considered a full-fledged sports machine, it depends on the results of the impact on problem areas, the body as a whole. Today in the market you can find the following types of wraps: regular, weighted, foldable, massage, with the counter speed and calories.

Normal hoops are made of aluminum or plastic, they are smooth and light. Recommended for weight loss for adults and children. Especially good are the hoops in the cases when fat in the waist area reached a critical level. Weighted hoops are solid and flexible. Thanks uvesistost, solid Hoop faster affects the area of the buttocks, waist and hips.

Collapsible hoops can be easily disassembled into several parts, this simplifies their transportation and storage, are made of lightweight plastic. They are hollow inside, which gives the opportunity to fill them with sand. Utilises Hoop better effect on subcutaneous fat. Massage hoops equipped with suction cups or ledges, well affecting the abdominal muscles. The use of massage Hoop might lead to bruises on the body, especially the habit, at the very early stages. The presence of bumps and spikes allows you to quickly eliminate cellulite and subcutaneous fat.

Hula Hoop with calorie counter is a good choice for those who do not wish to engage in blindly. The handle is integrated electronic microprocessor, it displays the number of completed revolutions, it allows you to calculate calories. Thanks to this Hoop you will be able to plan time and intensity of exercise.

Use wrap

If you will daily spend fifteen or twenty minutes with a Hoop, then body fat will not be able to get out, each time, they will gradually melt. The effect is achieved due to the fact that the rotation of the Hoop is directly in contact with problem areas, literally breaking up the pockets of cellulite Regular exercise also are good to prevent orange peel. The wrap secures the result of slimming without strict restrictions in diet.

Torsion of the Hoop not simply burns fat, but has a complex effect on the organism as a whole. Massaged and strengthen major muscle groups, improves General body tone and activates blood circulation. The Hoop effect during rotation at acupuncture points and catalyzes the process of formation of blood anions, which perfectly cleanse it, but also are accelerators of the metabolism, saturate the body with energy, strengthen the nervous system, relieve fatigue.

Regular twist wrap can cure some women's diseases. Working with wrap, you are giving your intestines a good service, which starts much better to work with. Intensive training is a great way to train the respiratory and cardiovascular system. Improved coordination of movements, trains vestibular apparatus.

Valuable tips

Positive results can be achieved in the lesson, with any wrap, the main thing is to exercise regularly, not departing from the rules. Start with ten minute sessions, gradually increase the workout time to half an hour, otherwise have to wait long for a visible effect. To avoid bruises from the massage Hoop, exercise in tight-fitting clothes or a special belt. For each group of muscles and problem areas need to conduct separate classes.

If you wish to hone the waist, then torsional keep your feet together and keep your arms behind your head or point to the side. It does not work the hips and lower back, only the oblique and direct the abdominal muscles. When you adjust the volume of the buttocks and hips twist the Hoop with legs wide apart. Do rotational movement in a clockwise direction. It is not recommended to roll a Hoop on a full stomach, it is better to do fasting. And remember that it is impossible to achieve visible results without a properly adjusted diet.