You should not linger, therefore, start to write a love letter right now. It's time to Express your feelings and improve your love relationship in an extraordinary way. Remember that the most important thing in this business is sincerity.
Take a beautiful thick paper, a pen of the color that you like and start. The shops provided a huge selection of different papers. It is tight and thin, with Golden and silver edge, with embossed patterns, scented.
Good focus and try to be as specific as possible. Before writing, take some time, sit back and think about your favorite person. Think about his strengths, about what you like about him, about the romantic meetings and trips, how has your life changed after meeting him. Then try to Express all these thoughts in his letter.
Try to accurately describe everything you feel about him. Tell us about your dreams and hopes for the future. Write sincerely. All the words should move your heart, then your letter will not leave a loved one indifferent. Do not use different formulations of the book, as you talk about your feelings.
If you can't find the right words, then write a short excerpt from the beautiful poem about love. Do not rewrite the whole poem, some of the most important lines would be sufficient.
Try to write nice, neat, legible and clear handwriting so that the young people were easily able to understand. If patches are too large, then it is better to rewrite the letter again. After writing again carefully re-read the contents of the letter, and make changes if necessary. Then put the letter in a nice envelope, put in mailbox and wait for an answer.