A lot depends on what relationship you have. If you barely know and only see each other a few times a week, you will be hard to understand my feelings. But if you are old friends and you have feelings for him, you will be much easier to hint about it.
Your friend you know well, have an idea about his / her interests and tastes in girls, you often talk and they can easily strike a conversation on the theme "Imagine that..." and then in this way ask a question. Behave like a girl, dressing accordingly and abandoning a purely male occupation. If you've discussed it girls, the next time you interrupt his story and tell me what you want to hear about it. Questions about the reasons otmazyvaytes or can honestly admit feelings.
Hint with gestures and looks. A long look in the eye, laughing at all the jokes, frequent smile. In addition, you can ogle: to look at him, and when he looks in response, quickly look away to the side. Ask for help with something, for example, with a computer or to teach you something that he can do well. This will tell you a lot of time together, and you will have the opportunity to show their sympathy. Often touch it, hold your hand, be not discharged if it is up to you touch.
Give a gift for the holiday. This way you can make their interest known to him, but come to the selection of this subject with the mind. You can give a card on 14 February in the shape of a heart, and then to see his reaction. If the reaction is negative, and you will not receive interest or joy in his face, you can give cards to several young men with the phrase that is a friendly gesture. So you can save face and to know his opinion about your feelings.
Often touch it. Accidental touch when you pass by, if you repeat this three or four times with a short interval, soon he will realize that it is not just. Embrace when meeting or kiss on the cheek from joy is appropriate in relation to the other, but if the duration will be longer than usual, the guy can understand a hint of sympathy.
But you should not have any illusions about men's insight. Usually guys don't take hints, and even if any suspicion will creep in their heads, they might think "Oh, Yeah" and undo all your efforts. Therefore it is better to have the courage to communicate honestly about their feelings. But be sure to do it in private.