He's waiting for a confession and sincere words about your love, but you can't formulate and construct a single sentence? You need to expand your vocabulary, this is achieved through regular reading of fiction. But it's not as fast as you would like, after all to tell about his love to the man as soon as possible. Read poems by recognized poets – they are shorter novels, and the words which they are written, perfectly describe the ardent feelings.
But it may be that your inability to speak beautifully about their feelings rather psychological. In this case, you just need to calm down and analyze yourself. Are you ready to admit and prove your love or have any doubts? Maybe that's why the words fly easily from your lips.
Arrange a small break from meetings and visits, stay a little apart. If after one evening with your beloved you will want to run to him across any distance and to talk about love for hours therapy worked. If you enjoy solitude and the pleasure of lying on the couch, not remembering his passion, soon you will need another word.
To overcome the first constraint, begin to speak without looking into the man's eyes. Tell me about his love on the phone or go to your favorite back hug him and say, "My honey, my honey! I love you so much that I'm afraid to burn you with the heat of his heart. I can't breathe without you – it hurts. I haven't lived without you I waited for you to begin to live. How can I prove my love for you? To each of your eyelash, your heartbeat, the sound of your voice, your fingertips, gently concerning me. My proof is me, I exist for you and me".

Barely begun to say anything like that, you will feel a rush of inspiration, just describe your feelings on the presence of a loved one.
If you are during the day come to mind suitable for your situation words, write them down. While at work, school or the store, you think about the upcoming meeting, it is a favorite – think and to clothe his thoughts in beautiful phrase about your feeling. "I miss you, my happiness, what will soon become a mathematician, counting the seconds until our date. Let my love envelops and protects you always and everywhere, wherever you may be. I'll always help you, will do everything in my power and more, in all the worlds and times in which we are together."