If you broke up with your lover or he is far away from you, in such situations, psychologists agree on one thing – we need to talk. How exactly you do it depends on you. You can write your letter in which you outline everything that's going on in my soul. It does not matter whether you decide to send them to his beloved or not. Most importantly, write. A conversation with a friend or any other close person will also help to solve the problem. Reciting the experience, you save yourself from certain feelings of emptiness resulting from the lack of a loved one. In the result, do you have any real idea about the relationship.
You can also try to distract from the problems. Locate a activity which will help to distract from the sad thoughts. Don't take separation as something terrible. Believe me, all relationships experience some difficulties. Separation is another way to test the sincerity of your feelings. Do not dwell on the experiences. Try to escape, so you will not notice how time will pass and you will meet again with loved ones. Now, when he's not around, you have some free time, so you can start to do something new: sign up for a gym, buy a gym membership, start to embroider, to draw, to read some interesting book. Shopping is the best medicine for a lonely girl. The acquisition of new things will definitely improve your mood and boost your self-esteem.
If your feelings are not mutual, speaking about the relationship is pointless. Because their is simply no solution to the problem can only be one – way something that could distract you. This can be a hobby or a full immersion in the work. Of course, at first this will be quite difficult, but you need to push yourself. Yes, that force, otherwise it does not work.
Lack of reciprocity has a negative impact on self confidence. He becomes withdrawn. The person loses all desire to get acquainted with the opposite sex. Do not get hung up on one representative of the stronger sex. Understand that the feelings are not mutual, will gradually fade away and in their place will come a new love that will bring happiness to you. Of course, parting is always hard, but we must try to pull myself together and make every effort to rebuild their lives.